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Thread: started on 10 mg

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    started on 10 mg

    hi has anyone started on 10mg escitalopram/cipralex/lexapro and felt really wierd like light headed and head separate from body etc!

    im stopping anti-depressants for good i think now!

    anyone had this?

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    Re: started on 10 mg

    Hi Randomworry

    I am sorry no-one has yet answered your post.

    I have no real solutions to your problem but am about to take the plunge and take Cipralex myself. It has been suggested to me that 10mg is quite a high initial dose and that I should cut them in half and take 5mg to give myself a chance and (hopefully) avoid the worst of the side effects.

    Anyway think that is what I am going to do-I am not coping without meds but like yourself and many others I suspect am s*!t scared of going down the meds route again. But I think I just have to accept I need them right now.

    Good luck to you-believe me I know how hard a road this is but I wish you well.


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    Re: started on 10 mg

    hi hun im on them myself been on them 3 weeks now and im startin to feel better stick with them i was in a reaaly bad way now im startin to feel a bit better try an stick with them hun

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