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    Exclamation Side effects or just anxiety?

    Since starting propranolol 2 weeks ago (stoppd for 2 days) 40mg x 1 i've noticed increased tiredlness/lack of energy and a sort of breathlessness or feeling as if I've forgotten to breathe sort of thing.
    Should this be expected/what can I expect?
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    Re: Side effects or just anxiety?

    I had this for the few weeks not sure if it meds or anxiety.

    sorry i couldnt help. xx
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    Re: Side effects or just anxiety?

    Thanks anyway x
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    Re: Side effects or just anxiety?

    Hi I think its all done to the Propranolol I was on 40mg of this mediciarion for only 10 days and had to stop taking it because of the side effects, the dizziness, headrushes, feeling tired, no energy and breathlessness.
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