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Thread: Where to find help to find part time work

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    Where to find help to find part time work

    Hi everyone

    I haven't been around here for a little while. Here's a brief outline of my situation:

    - I have suffered with GAD for a number of years, it got particularly bad about 3 years ago
    - I'm 22 years old and graduated from university just over a year ago.
    - I was working full time and had a long commute but I had a breakdown last November/December - anxiety and severe depression.
    - I left my job and my GP put me on anti-depressants in December 2009
    - I did nothing for a few months except felt awful. I've been gradually recovering. In March 2010 I began volunteering in a charity shop.
    - I've been volunteering since, but I can only manage 3 afternoons a week - about 12-15 hours. I have also started to learn to drive.
    - I get tired very easily. I have anxiety, depression, insomnia, IBS and GORD (acid reflux). I am on 4 medications plus sleeping pills as needed.
    - I am scared of heights and get anxious in many modern office buildings. I also get very anxious making telephone calls and commuting.
    - I had 3 sessions of CBT on the NHS, which I had to wait 6 months for.

    I'm better than I was and I'd like to consider taking on some part time work. I feel that I'd benefit from some help and advice, such as on how much to disclose about why I've not been working for the past 9 months and how much to disclose about my mental health problems. Also I feel I lack confidence and have no idea what kind of job I might like to do. I'd like to work though for my own self esteem, to prove to myself that I can do it.

    I'm not currently claiming any benefits. I live with my parents and have some savings which I have been living on.

    Does anyone have any advice about where to go for help, bearing in mind that I'm not on jobseekers and haven't applied for DSA or incapacity benefit? Would the Job Centre help me? Should I put in a claim for a benefit in order to get help? I'd appreciate any advice or experiences anyone has about it.
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    Re: Where to find help to find part time work

    your situation sounds very similar to mine ( although i never managed to complete university )

    I had to leave my full time job last year due to developing anxiety . My employer at the time did know about my issues , it was useful as if i was feeling funny or anything like that , they seemed to be more sympathetic !

    After taking a good 8+ months off work , trying to recover and get back into the swing of things , i am now working part time at a bag shop ( contracted for 8 hours however have been doing overtime )

    This is good for me because i know that in theory i only have to work one day a week when i'm feeling shit but if i'm having a good week and feel i'm capable , i can put myself forward for more shifts.

    I would definitely recommend a job in retail to get back into the swing of things . It keeps you on your feet and having to deal with customers face to face will keep your mind totally focused on your work and not on the anxiety !

    I chose not to tell my employers about my anxiety , i'll be honest , i'm a little embarrassed by it and didn't want it to jeopardise my chances of getting the job , also i didn't want them thinking i was a fruitloop.
    i know this is wrong of me but i can't help it , it's just how i feel .

    I think it depends on the job you go for , if you're going into a big company who like to do things by the book then it's important you inform them .
    if like me , you work at a stand alone store with a nice manager and a relaxed approach to work , you don't have to say anything . I guess that's down to opinion though , if i did have a panic attack at work , it would probably be better if my manager already knew about it , i'm just not brave enough to tell mine
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    Re: Where to find help to find part time work

    I know here in Glasgow(or in my area of Glasgow) was a service I think was called Causeway. Was a service my CPN referred me to. Was all to do with helping with getting yourself ready to work. Help with CV's, the tricky old 'do I tell them or not tell them what I'm suffering from', discuss scenarios of work you think could be a problem.

    Maybe something similar in your area. Don't know if is something the Job Centre could refer you on to or perhaps through your Doctors. I wasn't ready for it at time but think was a good idea.

    Best of luck.

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