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Thread: IBS symptoms

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    IBS symptoms

    I'm so fed up with having IBS its really getting me down

    I've had symptoms on and off for 12 years now and just wonder if there is anyone out there who suffers the same?

    I have various anxiety related symptoms but this IBS really takes over my life.

    For some reason its got worse since I had my two lovely children and recently I always seem to feel as though I need the loo. Its neither diaorrhea or constipation but just needing the loo and its become a complete daily obsession.

    Take today for example I dont feel particularly stressed or anxious but I have needed the loo 3 times this morning and the last time-TMI I know!-I passed mucous as well.

    I have read that the 'norm' is up to three times a day or three times a week, so if I go more than three times in a day I start paniking that something is wrong with me. It stops me going out anywhere and is completely ruining my life. Just wish I could stop this feeling of wanting to go then I could enjoy my life.

    Does anyone else understand how I feel?

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    Re: IBS symptoms

    Totally hun.

    I was diagnosed with IBS about 10 years ago. I was a very stressed staff nurse and started getting deep nagging pain in my left side colon area. I hadn't had what I would call noticeable bowel symptoms, but when I looked back I had always from a young age needed to rush to the loo within half an hour of eating breakfast and had crampy pains, etc. Up to being diagnosed I honestly didn't think much of that though, stupidly.

    I also go through stages of passing mucus in my stool, especially this week when I have been super anxious. Try not to focus on your swinging bowel movements as that is a classic symptom, and don't read about 'norms' because with IBS everyone is different and it fits the disorder, so what is normal for those without IBS isn't our normal!

    Take Care.xx

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    Re: IBS symptoms

    I have been having alot of dodgy going on with my stomach and unusual bowel movement.

    I always think the worst of things.. But I definately know I would rather have IBS than bowel cancer etc.. As thats all that keeps going through my head.
    My mum suffers from IBS so I may take after her.

    When you say mucus. What is this exactly? Because I have had watery fluid come from my bum - especially when I try to go for a #2..

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