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    Poems please for a 25th wedding anniversary

    Hey Guys,
    I have been going through a rough patch at the moment....and as my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary is coming up very soon, I was wondering whether any of you know any poems that i can use to write in their card to show my appreciation in regards to their anniversary; as for some reason i find it hard to say the 3 simple words 'I Love You' would like to explain how much i do so....even if i can't say the words when i should.

    Sorry this isn't an anxiety thread,

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Poems please for a 25th wedding anniversary

    Hello No More panic....Soory I just realised i used the Introduction thred by accident....I have been a member for a while in regards to my Anxiety, and in this post i am hoping someone can find the words to say that i can't put into words myself.
    Thank you anway
    Much love

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    Re: Poems please for a 25th wedding anniversary

    Any good to you?

    Three Words

    Three words are often not easy to say,
    And "I Love You" can be said in many ways,
    But gratitude felt every day,
    Can never easily be conveyed,
    With words that are too inadequate to repay,

    The soft texture of a smooth satin petal,
    Cannot be described in words alone,
    But only in feelings which flow from the heart,
    Where loving thoughts are first sown,

    If my words could describe my depth of love for thee,
    New words would have to be created in the vocabulary,
    For no such words as yet exist in any published dictionary,
    That can sufficiently express how very special you are to me,
    So for now, with all my love, I'll wish you Both "A Happy Anniversary"!

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    Re: Poems please for a 25th wedding anniversary

    Really like that poem, it's quite lovely

    Does it need to be a poem in your card to them? I don't always know what to say to my parents either, so on their 25th anniversary I got them a card and wrote at the bottom of it 'Thanks for everything that you do for me, I love you' and that's all I really needed to say to them and it meant a lot to them
    You self destructive, little girl. Pick yourself up, don't blame the world.
    So you screwed up, but you're gonna be okay..

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    Re: Poems please for a 25th wedding anniversary

    Love is being wrapped up in each other
    Held together by the treasured ties
    Of living a full and wonderful life
    As one.
    But giving each other
    The space to untangle a little.
    In the knowledge that the knot has been firmly tied

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    Re: Poems please for a 25th wedding anniversary

    love is the one thing death cannot shake,
    love is the one bond nothing can break
    love is a chord that time cannot sever
    love is eternal
    love is forever

    No one ever tells you that forever feels like home. Sitting all alone inside your head...

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    Re: Poems please for a 25th wedding anniversary

    I have just started a new poetry photo card business with my cousin, called Candy Cards which are beautiful contemporary poetry cards if you are interested?
    Annie x

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