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    at uni - scared to leave my flat :(

    I've taken a "kalms tablet" and wondering if i can use rescue remedy alongside? I need to leave my room in order to break this worry so I'm going for a shower - and then might go for a walk just to prove to myself everything is alright.. But I'm scared I wont manage and I'll get stuck here and all I want more than anything is for my mum to come back and take me home too - she's just gotten the bus away home (my house is only 20 miles from uni) but I dont know what to do..?
    Present fears are less than horrible imaginings.
    William Shakespeare
    - What you fear in your head is not always true -
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    Re: at uni - scared to leave my flat :(

    Youl be fine spend a night in and relax, and then try going out in the morning when you feel a bit stronger x x x
    Fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow.

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    Re: at uni - scared to leave my flat :(

    hi daisy ,u will be ok,rescue remedy and kalms are natural ,so take if u feel u need to.I feel your pain ,i moved to uk from ireland and when i have panic/anxiety all i want is my mum too .However i confided in a friend about my disorder and she was quite helpful and understanding,knowing that just one person knew my condition makes it a little better ,so perhaps u could confide ina close friend?walking is good for panic too as it lowers the heart rate ,try relax and think of something nice ,and remember You WILL be ok

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    Re: at uni - scared to leave my flat :(

    You can take both, I have in the past.
    I know it is difficult - I moved out on my own into a flat a while ago, but that wasn't the end of the story; I got there to discover there was no BT line, my mobile had NO reception, and no internet. I was completely isolated. My parents lived over an hour and a half away. No friends, and strange people above me... it was absolutely terrifying. I was cut off from everyone with no form of contact. The first night I was panicking for hours and considered asking the neighbour to use their phone and nearly even tempted to call 999 just through sheer panic.

    These things subside and become easier with time.

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