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Thread: Nervous about ECG!!

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    Re: Nervous about ECG!!

    Yeah my mind has been at rest all day for the first time in AGES, I haven't worried at all really. Hopefully it stays that way!

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    Re: Nervous about ECG!!

    Brilliant news!! xx

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    Re: Nervous about ECG!!

    i have had an ecg and it dose not hurt at all!!!!
    basically you just get wired up and lie their! mine lasted for about 10 minutes.

    not so long ago i took an overdose of antidepressents ect...
    and i was hooked up to an ecg moniter for 2 days!
    nothing at all to worrie about!!!
    i think i had to make an appointment one week after to get results!

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    Re: Nervous about ECG!!

    well done for doing so well! as you now know, ecg's are just sticky plasters with wires coming out of them. i have had two ecg's and both have come back normal. they measure the electrical current coming from the heart, as it supplies its own electrical impulses. so it is important to have enough potassium in our diets to make sure that our heart is healthy and that the heartbeats are kept regular.

    i think it is pretty routine for a doctor to ask patients to have an ecg when they come in complaining of anxiety, chest pains and panic attacks. it is always important to rule out any serious conditions that could be causing these symptoms.

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