Well I haven't been here on this site for a long time but here I am again! My anxiety is so much better and I seldom get in a real panic but yesterday I got a nasty shock.

I have had huge amounts of stress lately with bereavements and trying to move house. I have a variety of diagnosed problems from thyroid, IBS, arthritis, ME and digestive disorders. I have been told I need a replacement hip too.

So my general health levels have deteriorated and I find it hard to exercise. Sleep has always been hard for me.

Yesterday the doc tested my BP and it was 165/110. I didn't even feel anxious consciously but had been waking up with dreadful headaches for the previous two weeks.

I am really anxious because this is seriously high and I am finding it difficult to relax now. I just wondered if anyone here had had BP as high as this and could reassure me that I don't need to worry!

The doc told me to double my betablockers (atenolol, on 25mg for years so took two at bedtime), to take half a nitrazapam which I have used really rarely for years, painkillers which I take for arthritis pain, and topical anti-inflammatory on my neck which has some arthritis and makes me stiff.

I did all that and still woke at 5am with a thumping heaache!

I know I am under huge stress at the moment so am a bit concerned that I will not be able to get my BP under control... anyone got any reassurance for me?!