Hi everyone

Since the birth of my daughter 10 months ago I have had extremely bad back pain. It is mostly middle back, sometimes lower back, and occasionally upper back. It is agony! The pain seems to be around my spine, not the sides.

I also have some pain which I think is sciatica - I get a shooting pain in my bum which can last all day sometimes. I had this whilst pregnant too.

I thought it might be related to a car accident I had in May 2008, but the doc seems to think any injury from that would have healed within 6 months or so. The accident was minor - I was parked, seatbelt on, and a car reversed out of a parking space into the passenger side of my car. It caused a jerk and did give me some back pain.

I also get headaches a lot, almost every day. And migraines 1-2 times a month.

I am terrified this is a tumour that may or may not have spread! I am 23, had my baby 10 months ago, and otherwise healthy.