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Thread: Health anxiet and lexapro side effects

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    Health anxiet and lexapro side effects

    hey guys,
    started lexapro yesterday woke up extremely light headed, no I feel like I want to be sick very nauseated, feel flustered just very bad awful just lying on the couch... my anxiety has seem to have risen I feel like I
    very on edge, I'm mostly worried because I can't tell which is a side effect and what isn't really stressing out I might be dying also heart keeps racing then slowing down very slow paced with my higher tha average blood pressure, I think I'm going to stop I just feel worse :( help

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    Re: Health anxiet and lexapro side effects


    Hang in there

    I started on cipralex last week. (escitilopram same as lexapro)
    I was worried about taking them as I'd tried ssri meds several years ago and the side effects had freaked me out.
    Anyway, my anxiety had driven me to despair so what I decided to do was take half a tablet for a couple of days followed by a couple of days on threequarters and the on to the full dose.
    I must admit that I was pretty scared and on the first day or two, I felt nauseous and agitated. By the weekend, I was feeling very lightheaded and spaced out but began feeling more normal by day 6. Feeling lots less anxious today (day7) and my blood pressure and chest/head/neck pains have eased off.
    Hope you feel lots better very soon.

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