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    Hi everyone im new here. Im worried, i had a mammogram on 28th september as part of breast screening programme, today 8th 0ctober i received a letter recalling me for another mammogram, i know it could be for many reasons not necessarily cancer but im scared sick. Im going next tuesday 12th 0ct. I had endometrial cancer and had a hysterectomy in 2007 and go for regular checkups. Ive had a lot of stress lately and one of our pet budgies has a tumour and nothing can be done, now this. Im trying not to panic but am really scared and just need to share with someone. Sparky

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    Hi scaredsue

    We just wanted to welcome you aboard to NMP. We hope you enjoy your stay here and get all the support and advice you need.

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    Re: mammogram

    Hi Diane07 thanks for the welcome and i look forward to my stay. Scaredsue

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    Re: mammogram

    Hi Sue and welcome aboard.

    Sorry to hear about the cancer and I hope this test goes ok for you.

    Good luck and lovely to see you here.

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