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    MRI Results


    I am not sure if anyone can help me but I suffer from panic disorder and GAD. My mum has been having regular headaches on and off for a while now and she was taken for an mri scan. The results came back as the mri scan was normal but a small anomaly was found and she will be contacted for a rescan to look at the area closely.
    I am really worried about this and I am not able to think about anything else I keep having panic attacks and feel like I cant breathe I cant stop crying and the worse thing is I feel like she is holding me up when it should be the other way round.
    I wondered if anyone has ever had this before. It says on the letter that it could just be a result of the scan itself and its try not to worry but I cant stop thinking about it.

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    Re: MRI Results

    Well if its any help, I had an MRI scan about 4 years back after I started having a few fits....... then the consultant said he'd seen an "anomaly" and put me on epileptic medication. When I asked him for more detail, it turned out to be an area the size of a pinhead which might have had a bleed at some point. Anyway, I was convinced the fits were caused by the exessive dose of dosulepin my gp had prescribed (I was put on some huge dose which should only be prescribed if you're being closely monitored in hospital) and nothing to do with the so called "anomaly" stopped taking it, never took any of the epileptic medication and never had another fit.

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    Re: MRI Results

    Thank you for your reply so the when you found out about the bleed other than the epiletic medication the doctor did nothing about the bleed itself ?? do you have to have regular checks ??

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    Re: MRI Results

    no, they weren't even sure it was a "bleed" but thats what they thought it was..... it was probably something that had been there for ages.... been knocked out a few times in bike crashes many years ago and maybe that caused some damage...... anyway, something that size doesn't really seem worth bothering about and I'd forgotten about it up till today!..... I saw the consultant 6 months later and he asked how the epileptic medication was going and I told him I never took it and that I'd been fine.... he was pleased and discharged me!

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