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Thread: I keep getting an upset tummy ?

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    I keep getting an upset tummy ?

    I keep feeling nausea not every day,i can feel great for a few days then off we go again i start to feel unwell my tummy feels funny and i feel sick,worried i have something horrible going on!

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    Re: I keep getting an upset tummy ?

    I have had this for 5 and a half weeks now.
    Am better for a couple of days and it all comes back again and again.
    Half the village is down with a belly bug but every one I know has it for a few days and then they are better.

    May be things affect people more who suffer from anxiety.
    Maybe it had something to do with my weight I am only 6 stone 4.

    I am really fed up with this at the moment and I hope you get well soon

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    Re: I keep getting an upset tummy ?

    it could be intolerance to a certain food you are eating. i would suggest you start a food diary. log down everything you eat every day, and everything you drink... and log down what times you have an upset stomach... after a week or so you should be able to tell if your nausea coincides with a certain food in your diet x

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    Re: I keep getting an upset tummy ?

    im having the same symptoms at the moment in fact i posted a thread about it a few weeks ago i feel fine for a couple of days then all of a sudden i feel like im coming down with a tummy bug i feel sick and bloated and after go to the toilet more often i do have ibs but its the feeling sick thats getting me down

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    Re: I keep getting an upset tummy ?

    I've had nausea every day for the past 7 days! It's horrible, sometimes it comes on really strong and just ruins my whole day.
    I get it mostly in the morning around breakfast time for anything from 10 mins to 2 hours then I get it around after dinner time.
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