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Thread: Just been prescribed these, what do you think

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    Just been prescribed these, what do you think


    I've just been prescribed this drug to help me sleep better also. The thing that I am worried about is that when they tried me on an SSRI (I know Ami isn't it's a tri) I had a really bad reaction on the first one. The worst anxiety/attack I'd had and that's saying something because at the time I was at my height.

    I want to take one tonight, see if it does help but Im paranoid about having a severe panic with it as I did with the SSRI.

    Has anyone had really bad side effects after taking them
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    Re: Just been prescribed these, what do you think

    ive been on a low dose of these on and off for the last 15 years
    the only side affects i got were a dry mouth and i felt a bit tired
    i find its best to take them an hour before you go to bed

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