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Thread: Therapy ?

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    Therapy ?

    Hi new to here and my doctor thinks my 'illnesses' may be caused by stress ? Had all the usual blood tests which show nothing of concern so he has suggested that I have some Therpay to see if that works?
    (Not that I feel particularly stressed but I'll give it a go as you never know eh)

    Anyway got my referal letter today (Saturday) but it's from the Local Council Authoritys Mental Health Department... It simply tells me to ring them within 7 days about my referal to tell then what Therapy I would like ?? And that's all it says.

    Surely the doctor and/or their department should be telling me not the other way around.

    So in the mean time can someone tell me what sort of 'therapies' are available and what I should ask for as I haven't got a clue and were yours run my the council or hospital ?

    Also if anyone has had any type of therapy what's it like and what do they do.

    Sorry for all the questions, thanks

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    Re: Therapy ?

    Hi Dizz Welcome to NMP there are lots of different therapys that are offered for people suffering from stress it really depends what you and your contact proffesional think is suitable for you .

    Group therapy sometimes is suitable, but for others a 1 to 1 therapy is better .Ring them up as they asked and they should be able to advice what is best for you .

    Hope it all goes well for you
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    Re: Therapy ?

    Hi thanks for the reply. I've looked on their website but it's all about dementia, severe mental illness and care in the home etc.

    Guess you are right... I'll just give them a ring. Don't fancy having group therapy though I must admit although I have no idea why not as I'm a confident person (well most of the time anyway).

    Was thinking of just cancelling with them and sorting myself out (well the 'stress' in my life anyway) as I'm still not convinced I need therapy...... but my other half told me off as he's getting really fed up with me feeling ill and is even more fed up woth my doctors lack of help so far so said I need to try what they say for a while or they will never take me seriously again. Hopefully though if it works I'll never have to step foot over the GP's doorstep again. YIPPEE

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    Re: Therapy ?

    Hi I rang my local mental health authority after receiving their letter re my GP referal letter. They said I am a level 2 referal ? and am down for CBT.

    However there is a 6 week waiting list but said I could be referred to the AXA-ICAS programme if I preferred as that was government funded and would be quicker.

    I asked what the difference was and he couldn't tell me... I asked if the programme was as good and the same... he didn't know. Infact he said they really didn't know a lot about it but THEY HAD TO OFFER it to patients anyway as it was the rule. I got the impression he was trying to sway me away from it.

    So I agreed to stay on their waiting list but now I'm wondering if I should have just gone for the AXA-ICAS one instead as I'd be seen quicker.

    Has anyone been on the AXA one and what's it like ?

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    Re: Therapy ?

    Hi Dizz

    I haven't done CBT but after reading your post I had a nose around the internet, there doesn't seem to be much information really.

    I found this :

    Not sure if it will be of any help but I thought I would post it anyway!
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    Re: Therapy ?

    Hi there, god the mental health system is confusing and i work in it! Bascially step 2 / level 2 I believe ( in the area i work anyway) means guided self help/ support by a psychological wellbeing practitioner. These people are not qualified cbt therapists but have training in working with common mental health problems and can be fantastic. x

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