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Thread: Would appetite increase with dose increase? Really need to gain weight

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    Would appetite increase with dose increase? Really need to gain weight

    I've been given this to help my appetite increase, however I'm only feeling slightly more peckish and not getting all these fantastic cravings I hear people talk about. I am around week 4 on 15mg. If I went up to 30mg would it increase the appetite stimulant? I desperately need to gain weight, very soon, and was hoping this would help.

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    Re: Would appetite increase with dose increase? Really need to gain weight

    I'm not a medical expert but my own experience is that there is no significant increase in appetite on a higher dose. I take 45mg. I think maybe you need to look at what you are acually eating and portion size in order to increase your weight. Simple things such as having full fat milk and yoghurts and also snacks during the day the opposite to most of us taking mirtazapine. I would also ask your GP to refer you to a dietician as they can provide a diet sheet for you to follow, track your weight and see if there are any lifestyle changes you need to make in order to put on weight. Best of luck EJ.

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    Re: Would appetite increase with dose increase? Really need to gain weight

    Hi Mumble.I found that my emetophobia actually stopped the cravings as my fear was far more powerful. As soon as my anxiety reduced I noticed the cravings for cakes and chocolate appear with a vengeance!
    As ElizabethJane suggested, try to use full fat products and you can also try this site that I used to track my daily calories. It's meant to be for dieters, but can be used the other way too
    Rebuilding my life one day at a time.

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    Re: Would appetite increase with dose increase? Really need to gain weight

    I got my first tablets last wed,,thurs I was sick,,,was the same till Monday,,yesterday,,never felt sick ate but full after a little food,,today,,im eating all the time,,i was not eating for 2 months,,well tried to,,but sick all the time,,no energy,,dizzy,,just unwell,,im now thinking,,im eating too much,,I was a bit over weight, not much, but want to keep this weight off,,im now on the treadmill,,a few times a day,,on my crutches at 1mph,,yes takes an hour to burn off 10 cals,,but I think its helping me,,in my mind and body,,and I love no more fear or panic,,Im not saying Im cured but I fell loads better,,I have energy now,,god I love housework,,I fell alive again,,yes im sore with my normal pain,,I never felt this pain for months too,,do panic help pain ???Im sure you will feel you want to eat in time,,im new here so others will give you more advice,,im just saying how it helped me eat after 8 weeks of being sick all the time,,,drink water,,even if you feel sick,,think thats why I was not put in hosp,,not dehydrated enough,,,take care

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