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Thread: Private GP apt, BUPA or private health insurance question

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    Private GP apt, BUPA or private health insurance question

    I was just wondering if anyone from here had paid for a BUPA health check or gone to see a private GP? the thought of a whole hour to discuss my many health concerns (I know most of them are just niggly little things, like psoriasis on my head,) sounds great to me, but then would it just be another waste of money?

    It's not that I expect them to diagnose something other than the NHs has, but rather that all my symptoms and worries could be discussed, rather than coming out of NHs and thinking 'bugger, I forgot to ask about that'.
    I had a baby four months ago, and have a few queries about some 'side effects' of that (umbilical hernia) and other things.

    Also, does anyone have private health insurance? Has it helped you feel better do you think? I feel guilty going to see my GP too often and having blood tests etc as it is really a waste of NHS resources.

    so, in essence; have you had a private GP consultation or BUPA check (or similar) and did it make you fel more reassured than your normal GP?

    Do you have private health insurance and does this help you feel better/give good treatment?

    many thanks!

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    Re: Private GP apt, BUPA or private health insurance question

    I did have a BUPA Health Check about 5 years ago. The full MOT where they check you over from head to toe. Was very expensive (about 540 I think).
    Took about 3 hours and included Bloods, breathing test, excercise test, physical exam, and discussion with a doctor, basically, the full works!

    My test on the cycling machine was stopped premature owing to the fact that my heart was beating quicker than it should of been, but then as an anxiety sufferer it always is. The results were shown to a cardiologist who said there was nothing to worry about.

    You are treated rather well but then for that money I would expect to be.

    Would have one every year if I could afford it.

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    Re: Private GP apt, BUPA or private health insurance question

    We, as a family, have private health paid for by Barclays bank – my wife’s employer. Have to say we have never, thank goodness, used it much but when we have of course you get seen almost immediately. Our doctors surgery are quite receptive of private health but not all NHS docs are and you still need to be referred by your own GP to get an appointment. The last time we used it was when my wife dislocated her elbow in a fall – obviously A&E put it back in its socket and plastered it up and then took it of a few weeks later, then came physio that was done quite quickly so need to go through the private route (Same person anyway)It was not till the follow up appointments with hospital that things went pear shape – dreadful service so my wife insisted she went private, they did not take kindly to that at all and made it clear they were not happy. It was some time before she saw a consultant privately because the NHS, in our opinion, made us wait by not transferring records, losing records etc etc. In the end we saw the consultant and he has offered my wife an op to regain more movement in her elbow, something that was not offered by NHS (Funding and all that)
    When my daughter was very ill a couple years ago we got the preliminary diagnosis done privately, what should have taken two-three weeks was done within three hours of sitting in front of our GP but then the treatment she needed was very specialised and beyond the scope of private hospitals (It does happen)

    I guess I’m going a long way round saying it’s not quite as it seems, its expensive Ok we don’t pay as its part of my wife’s salary deal but we see the premiums and they are pricy. You also have to pay an excess just like your motor insurance, and like your motor insurance there are all sorts of ‘get outs’ and loop holes. For instance I looked into getting seen by a psychologist under it and the loop-hole was I had to be referred by a psychiatrist not my GP well if your GP wont refer you to a psychiatrist, and why should he, then you can’t use it so I have paid myself. Also not everything is covered a lot of day-to-day things are exempt or annoyingly just out of reach if you see what I mean.

    Essentially your GP wont refer you just to humour you its as it effectively lengthens the NHS waiting list for what he may deem genuine cases.

    In essence my take on it is if you are genuinely ill it gets you seen quickly by a top consultant in opulent surroundings but if you have health anxiety, and that is all, you will get no further than your GP surgery.

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    Re: Private GP apt, BUPA or private health insurance question

    interesting. thank you for your replies. I have joined Benenden - as a teacher I can do this, and it looks like a good scheme to be on, and nowhere near as expensive as private health care.

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    Re: Private GP apt, BUPA or private health insurance question

    I am getting my son to take out private heath cover for himself as i think it would be good for him.
    I dont think i will bother with myself though. Ive heard that you cant use your health insurance for any problem that youve been to the docs with within the last 3 or 5 years, so no point in me doing it
    Some might allow you to, i bet they are pricey though, they may have changed their policys now but when i was enquiring about it a few years back this was what i was told.

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    Re: Private GP apt, BUPA or private health insurance question

    Well after a really good day yesterday and a pretty good night's sleep (sat upright as usual) I woke up lightleaded, dizzy..... and generally feeling c**p. Other half had to stay off and I finally surfaced at midday...... ENOUGHT !!!!

    I rang my doctors surgery to ask what levels my B's, magnesiun, pottasium, calcium levels were in my recent blood tests (as apparently they should show up on there despite what my doc has said in the past) I also wanted to know more about the readings on my 'inconclusive' hormone test (ladies only..... I haven't had a monthly for nearly 6 months now).

    Anyway receptionst couldn't tell me so I have a phone appointment booked with the doctor for tomorrow.... had to have a phone appt as no actual appointments for 2 weeks I know where that one will go because he always ignores my questions Grrrr.

    I also rang BUPA to ask if they did B and hormone tests and had a very interesting chat with them. They do do them but they have to be done as an 'add-on' to their rather costly health checks 500*.

    They said that with the health checks you see one of their gp's but the blood tests etc are the same as are done in a gp surgery so I would be duplicating what had already been done so I'd be wasting my money.

    I also told they my symptoms which can strike at any time of the day regardless of wether I am relaxing, active, chilled out or even asleep.... and my breathlessness when walking, diziness when lying down etc etc

    They advised me to be STERN with my own GP and if I was still being fobbed off or felt I was being ignored to ASK for a second opinion with someone who SPECIALISES in hormonal / nutritional deficiencies / etc as GP's (even the ones at 'BUPA' who do the health assesments and initial private consultations) are just that 'GENERAL' Practitioners.

    Quite suprised at their frankness actually and their helpfullness even though I wasn't paying... after all they could have just booked me in and took my money.

    So yes private is good but not always the answer it seems

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