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    I'm new to all this and just wondered if anyone could offer advice. I have been claustrophobic for as long as I can remember and have always avoided situation where I can be trapped. I don't remember the last time I went in a lift. I suffer from PA's in any situation I feel enclosed, like meetings at work or on aeroplanes. I would appreciate any advice for breathing techniques etc anyone may be able to offer. Thanks. x

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    Hiya - I am claustrophobic too and like you I also feel panicky in situations where I feel shut in - e.g. driving (particularly in traffic jams or on roads I can't get off). I don't go on planes anymore because I feel trapped too.

    You could try hypnotherapy (if you can afford it) as I did this a couple of years ago and it did help get me back on a plane even though I still felt claustrophobic. I also had another session in June to help with my driving and that helped too.

    The abdominal breathing will help but I think the claustrophobia is just another side-effect of the general anxiety and panic itself and I am not sure I will ever be free from that. I never liked lifts from being a kid but now the claustrophobia extends to such places as cinemas, theatres, meetings etc but these I think are cos of the anxiety.

    You could try counselling but I am not sure how sucessful that would be at treating the phobia. Perhaps like me you need to control the anxiety and panic and then the places that were once claustrophobic will not seem to bad.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi Bekcy,

    Since my PA's started claustrophobia has been a bit of a problem but hypnotherapy has really helped, breathing through my mouth and letting my arms just flop to the side really helps, if you're body is relaxed it makes a big difference.



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    Hi Becky-
    I am scared of flying- but I dont really suffer from any other form of Claustrophobia.
    Hope it gets better for you- come and chat if you need some support.:-) ( chat room)

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