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Thread: Neurology appt 2nd February 2011! :(

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    Neurology appt 2nd February 2011! :(

    Got my appt today! argh! so long to wait :(

    Can anyone tell me what they actually do on the first consultation?

    Will i be referred for any tests, i.e. MRI ?

    Ive had a clear CT brain scan back in March, so i reckon probably not.. however, i know that MRI's show a lot more than CT's..

    Im so worried about having to wait that long with these symptoms.. they did say that i could get my gp to write a letter to the Neurologist and get the appt brought forward if im finding it particularly difficult to cope with the symptoms, and the Neurologist may reassess.. I dont want to sound ungrateful or depserate, and its not like im dying, but i just dont know how im guna manage until Feb :( Ive had enough of all this! :(

    xxx crazyhayz xxx
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    Re: Neurology appt 2nd February 2011! :(

    Hi Crazyhayz!

    I am interested in knowing what kind of testing they usually do at the neurology centre myself! I waited a very long time to get my appointment and it is not until Feb 22nd, 2011 too! ... You should let me know how it goes. All the best of luck to you!!!

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