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Thread: breast worries, health anxiety

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    breast worries, health anxiety

    Hello everyone
    Here I am again. I gave birth four mnths ago and think I have PND, manifesting itself partly as health anxiety again. However, I am breastfeeding and my left breast in particular is very very painful - to the touch. I don't have any other symptoms of mastitis or thrush, so obviously I have convinced myself it is a very rare and aggressive form of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer.
    I went to GP who said it's one of those things and prescribed ibuprofen, which helps a bit but not much.
    I'm so peed off - instead of enjoying my beautiful baby girl, I am fannying round on internet and trying not to worry.
    Any reasurance from anyone?! I am going to take prozac again, as it's getting ridiculous again. oh, to still be pregnant - I felt wonderful and had no anxiety at all....

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    Re: breast worries, health anxiety

    Hi Seeker - first of all, congratulations on your new baby. You probably are suffering from a bit of PND - I think it's par for the course if you are an anxious sort of person anyway. Your hormones will still be all over the place too!!! And, of course, you are probably shattered!!! I had mastitis three times with my last baby and it really dragged me down. It is soooo painful and if you are still breastfeeding it keeps filling up with milk too making it doubley painful! You have seen your gp and he isn't at all concerned. I know it's easier said than done but try to relax and enjoy your new bundle of joy and stop looking at Dr Google!!!!! Take care xxx

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    Re: breast worries, health anxiety

    Hiya, congrats on your baby, xx

    i fraked out when my youngest was a week old, i had a shower and felt a hard lump in my breast! i instantly thought it was cancer and cried for an hour to my hubby. then i fed my daughter and the lump went! obviousy it was a build up of milk but my anxiety made me think otherwise.

    your breasts will be sore,lumpy,bumpy and a little red maybe, also tender to touch especially if baby is late having a feed. just remember all these things are nrmal when you are feeding. your breasts are going through alot while feeding and producing milk, theyre stretching and filling up so they will be sore, its all perfectly normal, trust me, i have 3 children and mine hurt like hell, i had to stop feeding mine after a few weeks because they were so tender and painful and i didnt have thrush or mastitus either, it just hurts some women more than others. but dont worry about it, enjoy your baby, your fine. xx

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    Re: breast worries, health anxiety

    Hi there - congratulations on your new daughter

    I suffered PND after my daughter was born 6 years ago and it manifested itself a lot as panic attacks which were linked also to health anxiety. I had some trouble with breastfeeding anyway but did get a lot of breast pain that wasn't mastitis either.

    My health visitor was very good and reassured me that breast pain was a normal and an unfortunate side-affect of all the changes that your breast is going through. Your breast is quite complex in terms of milk ducts, fatty tissue etc and there is a strain on things when you're feeding a baby as there are different demands upon you and your breast as well as hormones shooting all over the place which can cause aches and pains similar to when you have your period. There can be a host of reasons why one breasts is more painful than the other which can be as simple as the rotation of using your breast to feed means that the painful one gets less or more use than the other or that it's structure is different - we all have one a bit bigger than the other after-all. A key point the doctor pointed out to me though was that breast cancer with no symptoms other than pain is incredibly rare and would most likely prevent you breastfeeding.

    I'm suffering from panic attacks again lately and have some health anxiety - the breast pain is back and worse in the left breast as it used to be before. I have been very anxious and was sent to the breast clinic where I was examined, given a mammogram and an ultra-sound. All were absolutely clear and I was once again reassured that breast pain is very common and often a hormonal thing that we women suffer but which is NOT harmful.

    Having a new baby is a really anxious time as well as being wonderful so it's understandable if you're feeling panicky. PND is serious though hun so if your doctor is not helpful talk to the health visitor and make it very clear that you're concerned about PND and that the breast issues are a key part of it.

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