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    I'm starting to get annoyed with this medication now , I've done 2months on 10 mg and I'm on my 7 week ov 20mg . Still no change I've had no side effects only when I forget to take one I get the shakes , my doc doesn't want to up it ne more nor change it .

    I've also bein on peroxitine that worked wonders but the side effects was in bearable . Any advice would be great thanks. Nat xx

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    Re: Annoyed

    Well if it was the correct dose you should feel something by now .20mg is just a starting dose .Most need 30 -40mg to be of any good .If you dont feel any better in a week go see another Dr .Its pointless taking something if it doesnt work .Its either that its not enough ,or you need a different medication .Have you been perscribed it for Depression or Anxiety ? if its for Anxiety ,you SHOULD ask for CBT . Sue x

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