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Thread: So I have Health Anxiety..... what now? am I going to die!?!?

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    Lightbulb So I have Health Anxiety..... what now? am I going to die!?!?

    to answer the question.... yes, I am going to die. we all are. nothing to stop that, its only natural. I just gotta keep telling myself that. I won't let anxiety kill the days of life I do have!!

    because I know this is going to be a lot of reading for anyone willing to do so, I have inserted a (SHORTCUT) on the page, please scroll to that to skip my personal story, and jump right to what I plan to do next.

    Hello to anyone reading this. I will apologize now for the fact that this is going to be a bit long winded. I found this forum yesterday (googling, of course, but this time keyword "health anxiety") and read over many of your posts. I am hoping that others who find this forum in the same way I have, or that those of you who return often posting and reading posts, will read this and that it might bring some positivity, peace, and hope to you.

    My story begins, the best that I can remember, sometime in August of 2010. I honestly cannot recall being so worried and anxious prior to that time. Though, rational thinking tells me that I must be prone to worrying in order to find myself here and feeling this way. And the feeling..... how I despise it!! Lately my thoughts are, "this isn't me" "I don't want to be this person" "I cannot handle feeling this way anymore" "I must be going crazy!!"
    I think this may have been a good place for me to have landed. After all, to recognize that you might be going crazy, or worse, making yourself go crazy, may in fact be the first step in breaking a very negative cycle. I have heard it said that "true crazy people are the people who are crazy but believe they are sane." It's a rather simple and silly thought to have bring so much peace at this time, but I will take what I can get. If the best thing going for me right now is that fact that in all this irrationality I am still somehow rational about being irrational, well then.... I'll take it and run with that!
    To be clear about anything I have said so far, I feel I should make two points before I go on;

    1. I am NOT a medical professional in mental health of any other health. anything I say can be used against me in a court of law..... wait wait no.....that's not right......
    anything I say is solely opinion and serious soul searching based. I can promise you that I am intelligent and more importantly, I believe my life has gifted me many experiences (both positive and negative) enough to have a bit of wisdom too. That being said, I am just another person suffering panic, worry, and fears that are above and beyond the norm. They are certainly affecting my day to day peace and happiness.
    2. the second point I want to stress is that I give no guarantees to having any answers or solutions, just that I have devised a plan of action and that I hope that sharing it might help others. When I speak of desperation I would like to elaborate some to be understood that I (do not/have not) found myself with thoughts of ending it all by inflicting any kind of self harm. To date, I am quite the opposite, consumed with the fear or possibility of something being so wrong with me (health wise) that might take my life. I have already promised myself that if at any point those types of dark thoughts begin to creep into the mix of negative thoughts, then it is ABSOLUTELY time for professional intervention. I can completely imagine how this type, or any type of anxiety for prolonged periods of time, could lead one to begin thinking that it might just be easier to make it all go quiet. THIS IS NEVER AN ANSWER NOT TO ANY PROBLEM IF YOU ARE THINKING THESE THOUGHTS PLEASE REACH OUT TO SOMEONE FOR HELP!!

    Around the first week of August I began with an overwhelming panic about whether or not my daughter, who had about 5-10 mosquito bites, might be falling ill to a bite transferred illness, equine encephalitis. I began to feel great fear. Fear that I could feel physically. I couldn't sleep. I wanted to throw up. I couldn't eat. I couldn't be happy. I couldn't distract myself. I was constantly distracted by horrible thoughts of "what if ?" Those fears turned into a fear that she perhaps had infection developing in one of those bites. Which is easily treated and non-life threatening, but we were on a family camping trip far from home and far from civilization.
    Now looking back that next fear that consumed me in this 5 day stretch concerned myself. I realize now, BUT COULD NOT AT THE TIME, that it was likely my anxiety that brought on the symptoms I began to have.
    I was dizzy, I couldn't eat, my bowel movements began to be abnormal. (I won't go into detail on this last symptom, but I am sure most of you can relate) These symptoms set off new fears. "What's wrong with me? Do I have colon cancer?" "Could I have a rare bacterial infection?" "might I be dying of something and not even know it!?!?!"
    These are horrible, horrible thoughts to be sure. Unsettling, and completely consuming. As I already mentioned, we were on a vacation. Something we do not often (like never) get to do as a family, and something I had been looking forward to with such excitement and anticipation. This sudden onset of fear and anxiety took more than half of the days I should have been enjoying with my family and had me in emotional turmoil.
    I had mentioned in passing to other family members, very light heartedly, some of the things I was thinking. However, and again I guess some of you can relate, they dealt with it like rational level people. Brushed it off with a, "nah, she's fine."
    I never told anyone about thinking I might be dying as well. I think that is partly because I knew I was worrying myself to death. I knew it was anxiety. I knew all this, but it was not enough to find any peace of mind to convince myself that it in turn meant I was NOT actually sick.
    Finally, on the 5th day of feeling all of this I got alone with my husband, and I began to talk. I began to talk out of desperation, out of the need to not feel alone in all this despair. In an attempt to alleviate some of the boiling pressure that was so full, ..... I thought at moments my head just might "POP"!
    I told him how anxious I was feeling. I didn't go into too much detail about all the thoughts. Just that I knew something wasn't right, that I was fearful, and that I was to the point where I was beginning to have anxiety about my anxiety. He listened. He was compassionate. He was however, completely stumped as to what might be causing these feelings in me or anyway to stop them.
    All the while there is always, particularly in the moments of heightened anxiety, a voice that echoes somewhere in the deep, dark, sad places of my mind. "maybe all this anxiety, and fear, maybe it is a sign. Maybe it is instinct, maybe, possibly, there is SOMETHING seriously wrong."
    Well that voice says there is something wrong with my health. That voice beckons me to consider the next impending doom. That voice.... damn that voice. It is only recently (like in the last couple of days) I have begun to come to terms with the idea, the rational, that the SOMETHING that could be wrong is most likely...... HEALTH ANXIETY.
    After my vacation in August the anxiety seemed, for the most part, to have passed. Looking back now I can see that I was still distressed mildly with some health issues, either of my childrens' or myself. I know that I have used google too many times to count, and that without fail, any peace of mind doing that might give me in the moment quickly subsides and leads to yet more googling.
    I took my children to the doctor for a skin strep test. Granted, there really were recurring rashes. I wasn't imagining that. Trying to find the answer myself I found a particular rash, strep based, mostly afflicted children. Ii will say the symptoms matched exactly. I will also say that the photos I could find were the final bit of evidence I needed. I was absolutely certain that the tests would prove me (and google) correct.
    I suppose I do not have to tell you this, but I will, they didn't and don't have a strep rash. In fact the doc suggested I try something new to try to treat and prevent the rash. Something with a high Zinc percentage. I did.
    It worked.
    We haven't had rash outbreaks since. On either child.

    I was so so so so certain. I even had my husband convinced.
    Now this particular example I did not recognize as anxiety, but more me being a responsible parent trying to take the best care of her children. Sometime in the time that passed between August and now, and in between the strep tests on the kids, and other dark thoughts here and there, I also ended up in my first ambulance ride to the ER. It was for heart concerns. It turned out my heart is great. The doc suggested that I may have a strained muscle in my chest. The chest pains were very real. It hurt to breathe. I was light headed, my arms went tingling and my hands numb. I couldn't breathe. I think now, I was likely having a mild panic attack. Yes, I have little doubt that I had injured a muscle as well. I had been moving large furniture the day before. But what I believe now, looking back, one symptom led to my panicking about another, and maybe creating another through the panic. I began to google. Which only heightened my anxiety. I remember distinctly feeling like a fool while in the ER. I wanted to hear that everything was ok and it was nothing, but I didn't want to hear it was nothing because I couldn't except that it was all in my head. I felt silly, embarrassed, confused.
    In the end, chest pains are no joke and if you just don't know, you should probably seek help. I am only bringing this up to map out my trip into the wonderful land that is the voice of HEALTH ANXIETY.
    After this, and other, here and there scattered examples...... things have been calm. I have been fairly calm.

    Recently, things have changed.
    The past two weeks have been hell.
    So far in the past two weeks I have suspected that I have oral cancer (which I took a trip to a walk in after looking in my throat with a flashlight and discovering nothing looked how I had anticipated. It just looked wrong. bumpy, unhealthy. the doc took a look and said, "good news, looks just like most everyone's mouth/throat."
    The next day, I discovered a spot on my back. I have skin cancer. I began googling, calling numbers. Trying to find places where I could get a skin cancer screening.
    Panic, panic, panic.
    The sense of urgency. The sense of, "if I don't do something about it right now, RIGHT NOW, I will surely miss the chance to save my life and my children will grow up without their mother." I have such a fear of them not having me in their lives. That no one could read their bedtime stories the way I do with the silly voices, that the youngest would wander the house saying "mama mama mama" until the day she forgets I existed.
    Dark, terrifying, paralyzing fears/thoughts. They fill my head. Fill my day. I can hardly think of anything else. Thoughts that I know I shouldn't focus on, thoughts that I do not want to focus on.
    For some reason for me, the mornings seem the worst.
    Day 3: I notice a mole on my daughter's back. A mole that I know has been there as long as I can remember, BUT because of all my googling and self diagnosing I saw many pictures of skin cancer. I read all the warnings..... this mole fit some of those guidelines. So the whole day I panicked about the notion that she could have skin cancer.
    Next day, I feared, the skin cancer still but now I am starting to worry about weight loss. After I had my last child I remained about 40lbs overweight after her first birthday. Around August I began to pay more attention to what I was eating and being more active. I have been quite proud of the fact that in August I weighed in at 178, I now 5 months later, weight about 165. That's 13 pounds!! and my clothes are getting lose, and I can see a difference in how I look. Other people have noticed too and complimented me. I have been so proud myself..............
    now that this next wave of extreme anxiety has hit I am now thinking, "what if the weight loss, and how easy it seemed to come off, is actually another symptom!!??" that's right, and I am sure I do not have to tell you, that weight loss is a symptom of C A N C E R.
    So all that work I did to lose weight, to feel better, to look better, now has been used by my anxiety ridden mind to be used against me. Add this to the other (most likely anxiety induced symptoms) dizziness, sleeping troubles, lack of appetite, tiredness, irritability, a cramp here, a sore muscle there...... I could just go on. And with each symptom, my brain does go on, the voices of HEALTH ANXIETY run crazy with it all. It's like there's a HEALTH ANXIETY party happening in my head. A week long par-tay.
    * sighs* Maybe I should call the cops and complain about all the noise.

    I cycled through, cancers, early menopause, vitamin deficiency, and other possible ailments.

    Anyhow, yesterday I starting thinking that maybe, just maybe, anxiety is the first and most important symptom. I used google again, and hopefully for the last time to self diagnose, and searched "anxiety" I went from there. Changing search phrases as I went, and discovering health anxiety. I ended up here, at this forum.
    I may just have, for the first time, actually found a correct diagnosis. SHHHH don't let google hear, or the voices in my head, because if I have, it's all just a fluke. Google DOES NOT HAVE THE ANSWERS!! not when it comes to matters of diagnostics.


    So what now? Well, I have a plan. I will lay that out in the rest of this post. I hope that others are inspired to try to find something that might work for them, and maybe some of these ideas might work for you. I am sure hoping that they work for me, because I cannot live my life this way. Let's just say for the moment that I am about to die of something unforeseen. A car accident, a cancer, a heart attack. Who knows, but if I did would I want my last days consumed with this horribly distracting, negative, happiness draining, and otherwise yucky feeling? Of course not. So it must be stopped. And it must be stopped before it gets any worse.

    Today I woke up with a pain on my tongue. It might be in my throat, I am not sure, but if I fold up my tongue a certain way into the roof of my mouth, it hurts. I am remembering something my mother used to say to me as a child, "if it hurts when you touch that, do that, push there, then don't do it anymore!" HA. HAHAHA
    But, those voices, those fears, this anxiety is here and it is saying, you guessed it..... "you might have throat cancer!"
    I have a sore throat. Could be from the cold weather, could be from the heat being on. Could be a virus, could be any number of things that are way more likely than another cancer I might be dying from.
    So this is STEP 1.

    step 1 when these thoughts come and I find myself over examining myself, noticing every little ping, pain, lump, bump, dot or whatever. I will tell those negative voices that there is a far more rational explanation. I will run through all the more likely, non-life threatening causes, and I will BREATHE.

    step 2 I will resist the urge to google, or use medical dictionaries to self diagnose. Instead I will do the reasonable wait approach. If whatever symptom is still there after 2 weeks, then I will allow myself to (maybe not freak out) but be concerned. I will make an appt. and visit my doctor.
    Now, of course, this plan of action here, the wait and see one, will only apply to reasonable ailments. If say, I am bleeding from some orifice that shouldn't be bleeding, or have blacked out, or running an extremely high fever, broken bone, or some other completely obvious and undeniable symptom that needs immediate intervention, then I will get the medical attention I need.
    The fact is, rationally, any cancer or disease of the life threatening type, that may present symptoms first of a mild nature, will most certainly increase in time and become more so. The odds I will die in 2 weeks time while I wait to see if these symptoms increase, or a spot grows bigger, or whatever, is pretty much not a risk. Death is not a risk on a two week time slot, not for mild symptoms, no, not normally. SO, patience, time, and watching. Watching in a way where I check in every couple of days. I cannot allow myself to obsess, check hour to hour, google, and wait in a quiet state for the next little body ping to rear it's head. I am convinced now that all these previous habits of mine are actually magnifying my symptoms, and worse, leading to new ones.

    step 3 BREATHE> Each time in a day when those thoughts begin to creep in. When my body starts to feel that feeling of, "RUN, PANIC, AHHHHH"
    I will stop, I will take 3 breaths in through my nose and out through my nose. If you do try this one, do only like 3 breathes cause I am finding more than that makes you dizzy, and if you are like me, you might pass out and come to ready to call 911 because you think you are dying again.

    step 4 this might be the most important step, even though it finds itself somewhat down the list. Each morning, as soon as I can find the time to be alone and quiet I will be thankful. I am not much of a religious person, but I would consider myself spiritual. I do not pray in the ritual sense and I often wonder about (if there is a God listening) if he ever gets tired of all the stuff people ask for. Anyhow, I will do what some might call prayer, or grace, or you can just call it affirmation. The process is one I am adding to my list because I think it is important that I begin to change my focus from negative to positive. I want to believe that (to some degree) we can choose how we want to feel. During this time of affirmation I will run through in my head, or out loud, all the things that are right. All the things I am thankful for. Each and every little thing I can think of.
    If you are thinking you might try this process, PLEASE do not spend your time praying or wishing to not be sick. That is still feeding the beast of negative thoughts. It is very important I believe to fill this time with only thanks and graces to all the things in your life that are positive.

    step 5 be aware of triggers. It is only now becoming clear to me that stress may have triggered or opened a door to let this negative thought pattern and anxiety in. In August I was stressed about a long trip, taking young children to the woods, money, would the weather be good ?, being so far from home, etc. This time, Christmas is just around the corner. Money is most certainly a stress. While I almost never have found myself consumed with anxiety about money, it's always about health, it occurs to me now these previously unacknowledged stresses are possibly a very real cause and trigger for the anxiety.
    Another trigger I am having to become aware of is the "power of suggestion". MEDIA how I want to choke you!! google, health articles, news stories. All of it add to this pattern. The stories and information plant little seeds that grow into swarming, tangling, thorny, strangler vines that grab hold of my peace of mind and try to choke it out.
    I will not be using google anymore. At least, I intend very real to try. I will be patient with myself, and forgive and stumbles, but I will get right back up and try again. And again, until I have broken the habit. The same goes for reading health articles.
    It occurred to me yesterday, that last week when all the cancer fears popped up that the news story all about Jon Edwards wife dying of cancer had been plastered everywhere. A sad story indeed. She left behind her family and young children. It was troubling to think about. I didn't want to think about it.
    I think all this thinking about it , and not wanting to think about it, also became a trigger for my anxiety.
    So the plan? media detox. I will, especially while this anxiety has set in like a cloud of doom over my usual warm and sunny days, just avoid the news, and related things online or the radio. I will fill that space with music, and uplifting types of entertainment.

    step 6 distraction. when these thoughts begin to take over I will change the venue. Go outside walk, play the guitar, read a book, jump around, clean the house, call a friend (to talk about something other than my anxiety or health). Whatever you can think of, and if it doesn't work, if reading a book isn't enough of a distraction, try another one. And do so while revisiting steps 1 and 3.

    step 7 this is directly led into from step 6. Exercise. Moving gets blood flowing, oxygen flowing, relieves stress, and ups good hormones and chemicals that we need to feel good. I promise you on this one, not one of us will feel worse for moving our bodies more. Even if its just stretching, or shaking out your limbs. Whatever you can manage. It will help.

    step 8 this will be the final part of my plan. I am now trying to use this anxiety to make something good happen. I am a smoker, but for you maybe there will be something else you can think of. I am slowly weening myself off of cigs. Allowing myself so many in a day for a week, and depleting that by one for the following week, and so on. I am using my consuming fear of death and cancer to make a very real change in my health. I am harnessing this anxiety while I can to propel me forward in this mission. I have not ever really had the desire, nor drive/willpower, to attempt to quit smoking before. Somehow, today anyway, it feels different. Fear can be a powerful thing. If I am going to have HEALTH ANXIETY, then damn it, I am going to try to make it work for me, until I can get rid of it altogether. (or at the least bring it to manageable levels)
    I also am taking a daily vitamin, and walking 30 mins 3 times a week. Whether I feel like it or not, I will walk. It occurs to me this moment, that sleep is important too. Well, ok, we all know sleep is important, but it occurs to me that I could probably use more of it. I should be more conscience of how much sleep I am allowing myself. (adding to list...step 9 sleep more than 5-6 hours a night)

    Is there anything that you could change about your day to day diet or habits that would improve your health? If there is, then make your anxiety work for you!! use that fear for the power of good.

    Ok, well...... I warned you this was all going to be really long winded. I was right about that, lets hope for my sake, I am right about some of my other conclusions. I do want to feel like myself again. My old self, my healthy, happy self. I cannot let this take over my life. I refuse.
    I know this is all going to be a day to day thing. I have no illusions about it being easy, or a quick fix. I am sure I will falter along the way. I will stick with my steps, I will get back on the horse, if you will.

    If in 6 months time if there is no improvement in my anxiety levels, stress levels, or my compulsions over HEALTH ANXIETY, then I may have to seek outside help. I was considering going to the doc this Friday to have blood work done. Look for nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, etc. But I think for now, I need to avoid the cycle of "chasing the white rabbit" and getting myself stuck into a endless spin of diagnostics. Tests that might only bring me emotional relief in the moment, but the real issue of the anxiety will only come again, with a new symptom, new ailment, and a new fear of yet another life threatening cause.
    Aside of an increasing, steady, warranted symptom that lasts more than 2 weeks, I am going to try to do everything I can each day on my list. If in 6 months, no change, I will then get that blood work done........ maybe.

    Good luck to all of you. I hope that this might help just one person. (even if that one person is me) but maybe there will be others who find this post, and read it, and find something familiar, something that rings true and tells you that you are not alone. Something to think positive about, and maybe even some tools that might improve your day to day life.
    I will come back in time to report on how it has worked out for me.
    As of today?........ well...... I might have throat cancer, I still have a spot on my back, I feel nauseous, I am forcing myself to eat, I sleep about 6 hours a night, I keep touching my child's head to check for fever, and I am ENTIRELY AWARE it is all a bit obsessive and irrational. That awareness alone, does not make it go away, but........
    Hopefully this is the best place to start to make a change!
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    Re: So I have Health Anxiety..... what now? am I going to die!?!?

    hun this sounds just like me ive been dealing with this for 4 months now everyday and its no fun ,sorry u had to go threw this,thank u for posting this hun tc

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    Re: So I have Health Anxiety..... what now? am I going to die!?!?

    hello jess, thank u for taking the time to read it and the extra time to reply.
    it has really opened my eyes to be reading so many of the posts here. how similar the thought patterns of health anxiety are between sufferers.
    nice to know I am not a lone freak of mind lol
    not that I am calling anyone freaks

    I hope anyone else who reads this, or you, or anyone with any other tools I haven't thought of here might post them...... especially if it is something that has worked for u! I need all the help I can get right now.
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    Re: So I have Health Anxiety..... what now? am I going to die!?!?

    so, I made it through to the evening.
    I am still a little anxious feeling. The breathing really seems to help.
    Distraction helps the most. My house is very very clean.
    My throat is still a funny sore feeling in the back of tongue.


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    Re: So I have Health Anxiety..... what now? am I going to die!?!?

    Yes, please don't Google! I'm gonna have a read through of your thread now, didn't get the chance to earlier! x
    Don't lose your way with each passing day, you've come so far, don't throw it away - Land Before Time

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    Re: So I have Health Anxiety..... what now? am I going to die!?!?

    thanks poker. I am just to the point of realizing that I am probably not stricken with some form of cancer, or heart issue, or anything life threatening. I am just coming to the realization that what I have is HEALTH ANXIETY.

    It seems to be increasing, which is good in the sense that it is harder to deny how irrational my mind can be. It is worse in the sense that I have honestly been considering checking myself in somewhere, or going outside and screaming in the streets, "someone help me!!!" like a crazed lunatic.

    Last night I found this forum and it confirmed for me, because others' stories are so similar, that I in fact have an anxiety disorder.
    I am as frightened of being on daily medication as I am cancer or whatever. So I am trying desperately to process this all in a mindful manner, and devise some type of "plan of action" to combat it all.
    I read (after my original post) the information in the main page about health anxiety. I was pleased with myself to find that many of the things I think might be helpful are in fact listed on that article. yay me.
    though, as of now, it is little comfort. I am hoping with time and patience that is going to change.
    I can not live like this. I know it will begin to affect my family, my husband, my children. I am starting to think that the stress from the anxiety is going to make me sick, or cause stress to my heart. Like I said in the post, "I have anxiety about my anxiety". Which makes those I say that to, laugh cause I suppose it is kind of comical, but not so much in that when you have health anxiety, well you know very well the snowball effect is anything but funny. My parents already think I am a nutcase. I think they just feel it's an easy "shut it off" type answer.
    But any of us with this knows, it is NOT that easy.

    today has been better though. Much better.
    writing about it seems to help to.

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    Re: So I have Health Anxiety..... what now? am I going to die!?!?

    Wow! Lovely eye opening post, you seem very clued up on how to recover from this, I think more of us should read it.

    I loved the part where you said "I want to believe that (to some degree) we can choose how we want to feel." cuz I truly do beleive that too! I'd ran out of my Propranolol I take cuz I can't handle the nasty heart symptoms of anxiety, so I'd been winding myself up badly for 2 days and I felt seriously AWFUL. My doctor finally rang me and put my presciption through and it was like an instant change in me, in the space of about...literally 10 minutes I felt perfectly fine again. Also when I'm feeling paticularly anxious and scared I put on a happy song and tell myself I feel ok and I end up feeling fine again!

    There's loads of great information in that post that I'm sure if people took the time to read it, it would help many so thank you for taking the time out to write that, I found it very helpful. Oh, don't worry about your parents thinking your crazy, mine do too lol! People without anxiety really don't understand. x
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    Re: So I have Health Anxiety..... what now? am I going to die!?!?

    Thank you so much for reading it!! Like I said writing it was helpful to me. It made my day go a little better, I really think so.

    I want to say a touch more on the subject of choosing how we feel.
    I do believe in most ways this is true. Though it writes a whole lot easier on paper than it does into life, especially when the anxiety takes over.
    That is why I thought about the taking time to think through and list all the things that are right in my life. All the things I am thankful for.
    Because I was hoping that while I cannot always control my emotions, and sometimes it feels like my emotions are more spontaneous than chosen, I thought the exercise of changing my focus intentionally would be helpful.
    If I take time to focus everyday on the positive, maybe the rest of me will follow. Even if in the beginning it is just those 10 mins focused on positive and the next ten hours on negative. Kind of a "fake it till you make it thing"
    that I could start to try to consciously trick my mind, the way it seems like it keeps trying to trick me.
    I hope it works. Something has to work.
    I don't want to be this person, this anxiety, fear, thinking I am about to die, scared to death, sick enough to throw up, me.
    This is not the real me. It is the anxiety. The real me is happy, and kind, and I have a sense of humor, and I am smart, and I am insightful, and creative and so many positive things.......
    when the anxiety hits........ I am nothing but that.

    sometimes being smart and insightful, analytical, is a trap too, because I over think and over analyze. I go round and round. This is another reason for my coming up with a list of strategies. To make it more, this and that and cut and dry and all spelled out, so I can't go back and keep over thinking it.

    You have encouraged me to think I am heading in the right direction. Thank you.

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    Re: So I have Health Anxiety..... what now? am I going to die!?!?

    Yep I can tell you have a sense of humor, some parts of the original post made me giggle a bit

    You're definatley heading in the right direction cuz a lot, if not all, of what you said makes perfect sense. It really is an amazing plan of action, you'll have to keep us updated on how it works out for you! xx
    Don't lose your way with each passing day, you've come so far, don't throw it away - Land Before Time

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    Re: So I have Health Anxiety..... what now? am I going to die!?!?

    I give you my word that I will.

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