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Thread: tapering ativan

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    tapering ativan

    My doctor says I can taper off my ativan. I have been taking .25mg in the morning and .25mg at noon. I have done this before, and then because of my weight being so low, went back on it. My weight is good now. Has anyone else done this? a pharmacist told me I was on a low dose and shouldn't have any bad reaction from this, though I do know that my anxiety may increase some. He suggested stopping the noon dose for a few days and then stop the am dose. Any suggestions? I'm scared of having withdrawal even though the doctor has assured me that I am on a low enough dose that that would not happen.

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    Re: tapering ativan


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    Re: tapering ativan

    Hey jo

    Many years ago I was on 3 x 1mg ativan per day, I tapered .5mg every 2 months until I got down to .5mg, then couldn't get down any further lol, but that's when I was in my 20's and a lot has happened since then!!

    .25mg is a low dose, I'm not sure if you can get any lower, you shouldn't have a problem stopping one of them for a one or two month period and then when you are ready, lose the other one (please remember I am not a doc, just going on my experience). If you are finding it difficult you could always take one away every other day or something like that.

    Hope this has helped a little anyway.

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    Re: tapering ativan

    Thank you for your reply. What are you taking now?

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