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Thread: is your Symptoms brings anxiety or you are worry because of your symptoms?

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    is your Symptoms brings anxiety or you are worry because of your symptoms?

    Is it possible to have physical Symptoms without anxiety Symptoms? YES you can
    Actually it’s there but you do not noticed them or feel them as you concentrate on your body
    Most people with health anxiety have only physical Symptoms only.
    Back to title “is your anxiety brings Symptoms or you are worry because of your symptoms”
    This is very easy and basic to normal people including children and animals, but it is not easy for abnormal people
    These people defiantly think more than others and there is a good point in their side
    They are not stupid people and maybe they are so smart and scientific people
    On the other hand they put themselves in a loop and they cannot get out from it
    They are three possible answers for that question:
    First, you are sure that these symptoms come from anxiety, and this is very good start which mean that you know where the exit of that loop but you can’t exit
    The exits is to totally ignore what you feel even for months and try to get involved in something else even you keep yourself busy during the 24 hours , keep remind yourself it’s not important it will not make any damages and it’s because I am worry about it
    Remember: more worry = more anxiety and when your anxiety get more your symptoms become more as they are originally reflect your anxiety then again your symptoms more than before then your anxiety will be more for unlimited end.
    Just reverse it – say less anxiety = less symptoms because what I feel is because anxiety once you believe in that your anxiety will be less and this lead to have less symptoms and the loop will end to zero
    It is 100% like you are counting up from number 100 101 102 ... unlimited number (first loop)
    And counting down from 100 99 98 ... 0 every time you count you know you are closer to finish

    Second scenario, if you sure that these symptoms not related to your worries then go and visit your doctor. If you do still have doubt go to another doctor
    If they said to you same thing you MUST stop visiting doctors because others need their time
    And follow up what they said
    Now if you could not this mean you are in first scenario, you know (by doctors that you are healthy but you still do not believe as you feel physical things running on your body) please follow scenario one to get out from this loop

    The third scenario, if you have doubt and not sure if this is anxiety or not or anxiety with something else at the same time the 99% its anxiety as I told you this question should be easy for normal people
    In this case follow scenario number two if you still worry then you should put yourself in number one

    I know it’s not easy but this is how I see health anxiety

    sorry for my bad english !! and have a nice day
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    Re: is your Symptoms brings anxiety or you are worry because of your symptoms?

    is your anxiety bring Symptoms or you are worry because of your symptoms

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