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Fascinating, Lencoboy thank you. The old radio manufacturer E.K.Cole ('Ekco') invested heavily in Bakelite presses in the 1930s and were most famous for making a range of circular-bodied radio sets. To maximise the revenue from this investment, they used to make toilet seats as well. I believe some plastic materials used to make socket outlets nowadays are naturally anti-bacterial?

It seems unbelievable now to read about what teachers used to get away with back in the 70s and 80s in terms of both verbal and physical abuse towards pupils, isn't it?
Most certainly, Pamplemouse.

What I really find disturbing is those who seem to boast about their childhood brutality from both their parents and teachers and come out with the same old same old 'It never did me any harm' mantra, and the usual 'kids today...' stuff. I also feel that far too much emphasis (both in terms of media attention and general everyday conversation) is placed on badly behaved kids and the good kids who do many great things for both their schools and local communities as a whole, barely ever seem to get acknowledged and seem to be lost in the ether of endless tales of the no-gooders, and their turning schools into anarchic, dysfunctional hellholes.

Yes, kids need discipline by all means, but not full-on brutality that was reportedly commonplace prior to 1986, when CP was outlawed from all state-run schools in the UK.

Back to toilets, the state of boys' and girls' facilities in a lot of schools pretty much up until I left full-time education in July 1993 would probably traumatise a great proportion of today's youngsters. Especially the 'outside' blocks and not forgetting those Izal toilet rolls that resembled tracing paper!!