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Thread: Increase or not increase a dose - how do you benchmark?

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    Increase or not increase a dose - how do you benchmark?

    Hi everyone.

    I have been reading with interest how many people here are either increasing (or decreasing) their dose, anything from 10 to 60 mg. However, I have an appointment with my GP on Monday as it's been nearly 4 weeks on 20mg, and I have no idea where to go with this. I suffer greatly from side effects like sweating and closed throat amongs otherthings, but today, I woke up and I heard birds chirp outside and the sun is shining (at least in london) and I actually smiled for the first time in months and feel it's finally kicking in to an extent. Simply feel like I can't be bothered to stress about the little things which is a great feeling finally. I really hope it lasts and I get even better.

    In any case, how do you measure if you need a higher dose as my Dr is not a psychiatrist but just a gp who gave me Cit as I begged her for help and she saw I was in a bad place. I still feel a bit anxious and even though I am happier today I wonder if it's a temporary high. Is it a bit like Valium that after a while 2mg is too low and you need 5mg for same effects?

    G-d bless you all (I hope it's not politically incorrect to say that nowadays hehe).

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    Re: Increase or not increase a dose - how do you benchmark?

    well i went to the dr and she decided to keep me on 20mg as its he;ping (a bit) with a review in another month (after 8 weeks) as by then should have settled so we will know how much it is working efefctively. Thanks

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