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Thread: feeling useless

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    feeling useless

    I think i am becoming agrophobic again.
    I had it a few years ago and the old feelings of panic when i am out are coming back.

    Im starting to find it hard to go out on my own, im a bit better when im with someone else but even then its difficult to be out.

    I really dont want to go down that road again but even going shopping is causing me to have panic attacks.
    I have been trying to make myself go out every day for the past week, even if it is just to the corner shop.
    But today i havent been able to get out of the front door and i feel like a failure.
    It is getting to me because i have been able to force myself out for the past week, so why not today?

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    Re: feeling useless

    Hi carly89, you are definitely not a failure. Maybe it was 'just one of those days' today. Try and forget about it and do it tomorrow. Good luck and take care
    I &:-)

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    Re: feeling useless

    Hi Carly

    It was just today, love. There is always tomorrow, try again tomorrow.

    I know how you feel, disappointed, probably, but dont be.

    Try again tomoz.

    I did that, several years ago, made myself walk to the local shop. What
    a trip that was... LOL.

    Best wishes and good luck

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    Re: feeling useless

    Know how u feel. im having that a lot recently. How do u think u got over it last time?

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    Re: feeling useless

    Try and persist, I guess.

    I dont apply that theory to everything in life, by far, unfortunately.

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    Re: feeling useless

    try and walk a short distance.
    thats what i do when i get stuck, i say ok i might not go to town but i will try and walk to the end of my housing estate.
    now you can do this a few times during the day, or you may find once you start walking you keep walking.
    the key is just to step outside even if its one step x

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