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    Red face Anxiety and safe places

    With my anxiety I use to find my room or the toilet would be safe places but now I feel my attacks can happen anywhere. Sometimes I just feel anxious at anytime if the day where as it would come at certain times before. Last night I had some negative thoughts and I sat with a fear for two hours. Does no safe places mean it's got worse?

    I feel freaked put still with derealization as I sit for hours questioning what life is all about and why do I exist? Feel like this is a new life and I lost the old me?

    It's hard as I am feeling better at times but also feel this is never going to go away. I always find something to get anxious about slowing down any quick recovery. Anybody else feel this way?

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    Re: Anxiety and safe places

    hi this mite help u with ur question i found a web site that mite answer it its called anxiety nomore and it tells u that its not the place or situation you are in its you and your thoughts take a look it mite help u because i also thought like u till i read the article

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    Re: Anxiety and safe places

    I think safe places are sometimes good in the short run - but don't help us in the long run - we can get too anxious about being far away from our "safe place" and we always end up trying to escape a new situation to go back there.

    as many people have said to you before Phil you really need proper support with some CBT - counselling is not right for you, in my opinion. You need some structure - what is going on with your work I remember you saying before your shift pattern had reduced.

    You need to push yourself, keep busy... get outside, talk to more people, set up a task each day to keep your mind preoccupied.

    Take care
    can't even go the nuthouse cause she's allergic to it!!

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    Re: Anxiety and safe places

    I feel I am beniiting from counselling as since a session I had over a week ago I've left the house every day even if it's only been a walk. I have a CBT book so know alot of it when you say structure do you mean work on exposures and writing stuff down?

    Sadly my work situation has not improved so I may have to see the job centre as I'm not gettin enough hours.

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