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Thread: Maybe useful information?

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    I came across an article on MSN Health which gives a few tips about the state of your health just by looking at your eyes, feet and other areas. I found it very interesting and thought I would share it.

    What your eyes tell you about your health

    What your skin tells you

    What your hair tells you

    What your urine tells you

    What your bowel movements tell you

    What your tongue tells you

    What your nails tell you

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    Re: Maybe useful information?

    I am so sorry, but I am not brave enough to even open those links... I have health anxiety!!!

    Just sounds a bit like Dr Google to me...

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    Re: Maybe useful information?

    I have health anxiety as well but decided to only read information from a reliable source, I found these and thought 'I will give it a go'. I read them and realised that, although they are mostly obvious, they are good to know.

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    Re: Maybe useful information?

    I am not looking at theese, its too much information for panicking folk with H/A

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    Re: Maybe useful information?

    kind thought mate , but i,m not brave enough either

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    Re: Maybe useful information?

    I braved it and found it quite interesting! Thanks uk23!

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    Re: Maybe useful information?

    Quote Originally Posted by punkprincess19 View Post
    I braved it and found it quite interesting! Thanks uk23!
    np, glad I could help

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    Re: Maybe useful information?

    malnutrition can cause hair loss/thinning, I know it's obvious but always associated it with just stress. Omega 3 can help, yay

    "Urine that looks nearly neon-colored may seem somewhat alarming, but the cause is most likely nothing more sinister than your daily multivitamin pill."
    This happened to me! bright yellow i freaked out googled it and calmed down when i learned it was cause of my multivitamin lol

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