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Thread: Has anyone ever wet the bed as an adult?

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    Has anyone ever wet the bed as an adult?

    This is highly embarrassing, but last night I dreamt I went into a public toilet and used it. Then I woke up and I had actually been a bit. Thankfully I didn't completely empty my bladder (like my kids would have!) and was able to get up and go to the bathroom. But I'm 34! And this hasn't happened to me since I was about 6!!!

    The only thing I can put it down to, is that I have a stinking cold at the moment and so I took a 20ml dose of Night Nurse before bed. I wonder if (and hope that) it knocked me out so much that my brain couldn't wake me when I got the urgency to go. Does that sound likely? I'm getting worried that its going to happen again tonight.

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    Re: Has anyone ever wet the bed as an adult?

    Hugs, I always have those toilet dreams lol, its never a public loo though, its either a sink or a toilet with no privacy at all. I do normally wake up and think ah I need to go to the loo.
    chances are the Nightnurse made you dopey and switched off the normal signals to your brain that Oi, get up and go to the loo.
    Don't worry, thats easy for me to say, I used wet every night as a child.
    I am not sure if changing your routine, drinking less before bed will help, I have no clue but I am sure it was just a one off due to the night nurse. I have no clue if its going to happen again tonight, chances are it won't happen.

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    Re: Has anyone ever wet the bed as an adult?

    Yes, I have had the same experience as you when very drunk - i.e. starting going but was able to stop and get up and use the toilet before there was any reason to change the sheets!

    Lots of people wet the bed if they're very drunk because you are sedated and unable to wake up in order to go. The same will be true of sleeping tablets etc. - you're sedated, that's the only reason.

    I wouldn't worry about it. I'd say if you're going to take sleeping pills, make sure you go to the toilet before you go to sleep so your bladder is empty while you're conked out

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    Re: Has anyone ever wet the bed as an adult?

    I did it once at about your age. It was not fun... I think if you are over tired and dreaming of using a toilet, then it can happen. Usually I wake up first before it is too late.

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    Re: Has anyone ever wet the bed as an adult?

    Hi there,

    I really wouldn't worry. I did the exact same thing when I was quite young (about 7) and developed a big fear of it happening again (which continues to haunt me). My advice is put it from your mind and rest assured that it will be down to the fact you were sedated. I would strongly recommend that you don't change your routine as a result of the incident as this can fuel the anxiety. Just try to put it from your mind and continue (if you can) as if nothing happened.

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