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Thread: fear of being gay

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    fear of being gay

    i wasnt quite sure where to put it, but anyway...

    i have been having this fear of being gay for quite some time now, and is getting to the point where everbody is thinkin about it. that means everybody in my class and school. or at least i think so...
    i mean, i know that im not gay, i have tried watchin gay porn and all that and that didnt get me excited, but it still wont get out of my mind..
    also, people keep thinkin that im starrin at their body parts, also guys, and that is getting really akward, and has gotten to the point where everybody im sittin next to keeps lookin all funny and that puts me in a situation where im not quite sure where to look and just look down. and when i glance over at the person his or her body parts become clear...
    i have a grilfriend and i had sex with her just last night, and the thought of another guys junk in my face really disgusts me..
    i cant take being in school anymore, it is just gettin too akward.. i can sit there and take it all, but at some point it just gets too much..
    i how no idea how to get outta my crazy thoughts, i think i may have some other issues as well..
    any help would be great!

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    Re: fear of being gay


    These thoughts are quite common, if you search the threads here you'll find that a lot of people have talked about them before.

    I have had these thoughts too and they sometimes continue to disturb me. Don't ask me where they stem from, I haven't a clue why so many people get this.

    When you say people are looking at you funny? Is it possible you just think they might be looking at you funny because you're scared they will think you are gay?

    Sometimes we can imagine these things if we're really worried about an issue.

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