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Thread: how does HA actually make you feel/behave?

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    how does HA actually make you feel/behave?

    Hi everyone

    Just wondering how having health anxiety leaves you feeling?

    Ive had mild HA for many many years but its become unbearable in the last five years, since having my two lovely children for some reason.

    I'm getting to the point where every lump, bump, ache/pain or any strange/different sensation automatically sends me into a major panic where I am unable to think rationally and just become obsessed with whichever aillment I may have until it goes/passes or moves onto other worry. Its also getting to the point where I cant even look at my own body when I go into the shower for fear of finding something that wasnt there yesterday. I also have IBS and am constantly worried about my toilet habits and what grumble or rumblings in my digestive system mean.

    Its become such a habit and I am getting to the point where I dont know what is a normal bodily feeling and what isnt. I want to check every worry out at the doctors but I know I can't and I certainly don't want to become one of their 'heart sink patients'

    Does anyone else feel this way with their HA?

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    Re: how does HA actually make you feel/behave?

    Hi Rubynoodles

    I feel EXACTLY like you feel. In fact I could have written your post. My HA has also got way way worse since having my lovely daughter (not helped that she had a health issue when born not picked up by health professionals for a while, but picked up by me - not good for a hypocondriac to have to go through!!!!)

    I am so so sick of feeling the way I do. I totally totally agree about obsessing over bodily functions, new symptoms. Honestly, if I get a new symptom, it literally takes over my day and it's all I can think about. It's taking over my life and I don't want my life to be like that. I also don't want to be a "heart sink" patient at my gps but also just can't stay off the internet and it makes me so much worse.

    Why can't we be normal?

    It's beginning to affect my marriage to be honest and I'm now wondering if there's some other solution. I've heard of something called EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique where you apparently "tap" the meridians and it can help with emotional disorders. Will let you know how I get on.

    Know you are not alone! That in itself helps me x

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    Re: how does HA actually make you feel/behave?

    Yeah, I feel just the same, every little pain sends me off into a panic, or anxiety at least. Also I feel like I'm extra-sensitive to any little feeling. Sometimes I think I can feel pressure on my chest and it turns out to just be the feeling of my t-shirt! As speeder says, you're not alone.

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    Re: how does HA actually make you feel/behave?

    Thanks for that you two - its good to know i'm not alone

    Speeder-i've also thought about EFT I did get a book from the library last year 'EFT for dummies' -must look into that one again-what I really want though is a magic wand to make me 'normal' (but i'm sure we all do!)

    Becky x

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