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    Indigestion - Maybe?

    Indegestion - Maybe?


    For just over a week now I have had pains in the right of abdomen and sometimes in the left. I have been burping a lot also and feel like my stomach is tight maybe.. And most recently a pain near my heart after I eat I think.

    I have been to the doctors and he didn't really check me fully I dont think .. He asked me quite a few questions I guess and then sed it was indegestion. Anyway really worried about it - he sed to take these tablets he prescribed and to cut out fatty foods temporily which I'm doing.

    But I still very ill and worried it could be something else...

    Hope anyone can help!

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    Re: Indigestion - Maybe?

    I've had this, it's not nice but it did go away! I'm sure if it was something more serious the doctor would have realised. Try not to worry about it, it's probably making it worse!
    Hope you feel better soon
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    Re: Indigestion - Maybe?

    I have ongoing digestive problems brought on my stress and anxiety, it sounds like indigestion, I'm sure it'll pass soon. try not to worry about it, it'll just make things a whole lot worse, easier said than done I know

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    Re: Indigestion - Maybe?

    It does sound like indigestion. I have those symptoms too from time to time. I think digestive system can get very out of balance when one is under constant stress and worry.

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    Re: Indigestion - Maybe?

    I had been worrying a lot before it came on - maybe this could have something to do with it?

    Hard not to worry now though lol

    P.S thank u for nice posts

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