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Thread: How often do you need an ECG?

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    How often do you need an ECG?

    Just out of curiosity. When I was in the hospital last year after suffering a huge panic attack, I had 5 ecgs in a span of 3 days.

    This was only a year ago. I also had an xray with and echocardiogram but the sad thing is that I can't just walk into my doctors office and get an ecg. All she does is blood pressure, height, weight, urine, eyesight, and bloodwork.

    Anything else I have to got to my local ER for more tests which I am terriified of becuase I really get nervous in hosiptal settings. My pulse flies up even when I see my GP to about 120. It usually calms down until I leave her office and hospitals are worse.

    The other day I drove my cousin and her son to the hosiptal cuz her baby had a bad virus and I stayed outside cuz of how scared I was to be in a hospital.

    But I just wanna know if I would need another ECG so quick. My mom and dad are telling me that with all the test I had I should be releaved atleast for another 10 years before I go and get more tests. I don't know what to do.

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    Re: How often do you need an ECG?

    Um does your doctor listen to your heart?
    My 1st ECG was 5 years ago, the doctor picked up on my palpiations. went to the hospital for that.
    next time the doctor picked up on my fast heart rate, he did an ECG told me to come back in a week, did another ECG, sent me to the hospital for more tests.
    I've got stress induced tachycardia.

    The doctor will pick up an any heart things just by listening to your heart and he will send you for more tests if needed.

    A heart rate of of 120 is nothing to be worried about it cannot harm you, it just feels uncomfortable, my heart went up to 230 during a stress test lol they had to cut the test short

    If the doctor thinks you need one in the hospital I would go.
    will you be getting a hoiltor monitor fitted too?

    I found the nurses to be lovely, just let them know you have anxiety and I'm sure they will help, what tests will you be having done?

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    Re: How often do you need an ECG?

    I'm not having any tests done. I had a bunch of heart tests done a year ago. The cardios at the hosiptal said that I didn't need a stress test because during my massive panic attack last year, my pulse was doing 180 for about 6 minutes and they caught it on the ecg which was perfectly normal, just really fast.

    My gp only gives me the basic blood work, uring, blood pressure and she does listen to my heart. According to her I have a strong heart but I still worry. I'm due for my yearly checkup in a few weeks and she'll be doing the basic stethescope, blood work, blood pressure and urine tests.

    But I've been having palps recently since my anxiety's been acting up and I wanted to know how long do Ecg's last. I mean I had five last year so do I need another one this year.

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    Re: How often do you need an ECG?

    The short answer to this is no, you don't need another one.

    As Mishel has pointed out, any abnormality in rythym would be picked up by your doc, unless that is picked up an ECG is unnecessary.

    If there was any abnormality he would definitely send you for further tests.
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