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Thread: Cit Side effect?

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    Cit Side effect?

    Hi my fellow no more panicers

    My new doctor upped my cit from 10 to 20mg and I'm on the 3rd day. Iv always had red fingers and stuff wen iv been outside and go back indoors(circulation) but all day and night, and now they feel all burning up and horrible. It's uncomfortable and scaring me :(

    Had a bad week last week with my anxiety. I hope I'm ok :(

    Thanks for reading xxx

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    Re: Cit Side effect?

    *it's really burning up on both hands all evening and they look slightly red (?)

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    Re: Cit Side effect?

    Hi Laura,

    I'm not sure whether it's the Cit causing this, but they can cause plenty of side effects it seems. I get a whole range of burning body parts due to anxiety though.

    Hope you're feeling less anxious about it this morning, I'm sure it will pass.


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    Re: Cit Side effect?

    Hi laura

    Anxiety causes the burning sensation and if I remember correctly when I first started cit I had really bad burning all round my back head shoulders and chest. It will pass soon x

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    Re: Cit Side effect?

    That's good to know, thank you for your reassurance xxx

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