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Thread: endoscopy tomorrow

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    endoscopy tomorrow

    i am having an endoscopy tomorrow after experiencing digestive problems for more than a month. i already have negative blood tests, a negative urine screen, a negative abdominal ultrasound and a negative abdominal CT scan with contrast, but i am still terrified that i have stomach cancer.

    along with the gurgling/churning noise that sounds like a ton of trapped liquid in my stomach, i have indigestion/belching, nausea and lack of appetite. i am caught in such a severe cycle of anxiety right now and afraid that i will never feel better. does anyone else have these symptoms on a daily basis? i was sick with the flu and puking out bile about six weeks ago, and since this my digestive system has been a mess.

    please give feedback if you can.

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    Re: endoscopy tomorrow


    I have the same. I'll list mine, it might help!

    Pain. Pain mainly in my abdomen, above my belly button - pushing on my tummy is SO painful (like if someone nudges or pokes me).
    Nausea, daily.
    Fatigue daily. Some days its really bad.
    Pain lower down in my pelvic area, just on the bone area.
    Churning, gurgling,bubbling noises.
    Really horribly smelly wind sometimes - usually an indicator that I will be getting diareah soon!
    Cramps on and off when I go to the toilet.
    Really bad bouts of pain, several times on the toilet, leaving me drained and even more nauseous.
    A weird sore mouth (the roof).

    Ive had all tests bar a CT, MRI and camera up my bottom! All the other tests came back negative.

    Right now Im stuck in a cycle too. Too scared to eat incase it sets it all off.. In pain, which makes me anxious.. The worrying about what I have (cant accept its ibs).. The anxiety makes me lose my appetite.. All of it means Ive lost some weight.. Then worrying about the weigh loss adds more pressure to eat, and more depression when I cant eat!

    It is, and I am, a mess! lol

    How did your endoscopy go? x

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