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    Hello Everyone.

    As a little bit of a background for myself. When I was about 11 years old I heard about Mad Cow disease. It was at this time I decided to not eat beef for about a year. This was in 2000. Well, fast track to December 2006. I started having panic attacks about Mad Cow. I started getting pains in my arms and legs, twitching, weird pains in my face, and I swore my memory was going. I decided not to eat beef. I didnt eat beef again until the middle of 2009 where I decided by fears were probably unfounded.

    Now to today. About a week and a half ago my fears started coming back. Some of the pain in my arms and legs have come back. I have strange pains in my face (especially my nose) and I feel as if the skin on my body doesn't feel right. I know that sticky skin is a symptom and its really freaking me out. Its especially so on my hands and on my face. My lips as well seem to feel weird with odd pains. Mind you all the pain is on and off. One hour it will be there, the next it wont. The only thing consistent is the feeling that my skin doesn't feel right.

    I I am terrified at vCJD is causing it. I realize the chances are very low. I live in the United States. But at the same time I cannot but help to worry about it. I have Crohns disease and I know that the lining of the colon can make you more likely to get it. Considering I have ulcers, its making me panic even more.
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    Re: vCJD

    OK guys, I hate to bump this like I am doing, but today its like the stickiness in my hands is getting worse. Though the stickiness in my face seems to have gotten better, and some of the pain seems to have gone away. But the stickiness isnt going away. It seems to be getting worse. As well it seems like it is getting harder to walk.

    I am really freaked out!

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    Re: vCJD

    Not sure if this helps, but according to the CDC, only 3 cases have been reported in the USA in 20 ish years, these were 'caught' from the UK and Middle East.

    This gives you a chance of approx 0.0000000093%

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    Re: vCJD

    I live in the United States, also.
    Have you been to your doctor, just to get some reassurance? I'm sure you don't have Mad Cow's Disease and that this is anxiety and focusing in on your symptoms. The only reason I mention going to see your doctor, is that might give you some reassurance and then you may be able to tell yourself that when you get these symptoms, it's not the disease that you think.

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    Re: vCJD

    Ok, more background story. Some of the symptoms I feel now I had about 4 years ago. I even went so far as to call the CJD hotline to ask them if I had it. They told me if I had vCJD, there would be no question about it. They told me that I wouldn't even be able to get through class (In addition with strict orders never to bother them again).

    I did talk to doctors about it before, but when I do they look at me like I am crazy. And quite honestly, with the odds being so low, I do not blame them. Yet I have to say, vCJD is probably the worst disease out there, and its mere existence is enough to make me think of it.

    I guess the skin thing this time is really freaking me out because I dont even know of another disease that would cause it. But I see the key word is sticky "sensations" not actual stickiness which I am having in my hands. Though the pains are small and they come and go, along with the other feelings.

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    Re: vCJD

    Having those symptoms for 4 years should also tell you that it isn't Mad Cow's Disease. Please try to reassure yourself, and listen to the doctor. You do not have the disease. It is your anxiety.

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    Re: vCJD

    The one other thing going on which I didnt even think was connected is that my lips are sore but they dont seem dry. I have never felt pain like this in them before. I didnt even think that this was a sign of vCJD but apparently it is.

    I found it here

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    Re: vCJD

    At the moment it looks as though you're desperate to "prove" that you're right about this and justify your anxiety. Your chances of having vCJD are infinitessimal, and the feeling you're getting in your hands and face are probably a result of overbreathing.

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    Re: vCJD

    Thanks guys! I ended up emailing the CJD people here in the US and they told me my symptoms dont sound like CJD.

    Now my palms wont stop sweating and they feel waxy. Great...

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