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Thread: Talking in a tutorial.

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    Talking in a tutorial.

    I started a part time course with the Open University last year and about once a month, we meet up for a tutorial. It's just the tutor and usually about 5 other people.

    I was determined to attend these as it seemed like a good chance to meet people and gain in confidence and so far I've been to all but one.

    Anyway, the thing is, I've now predictably got into the habit of not talking much, only really talking briefly when the tutor speaks to me directly. I wondered if anybody has any tips on how to break through and talk more / join in discussions.

    My biggest fear is blushing and this has happened before in tutorials. I've handled it and just tried to ignore it which has helped but since the trigger is always when I'm the focus of attention, I try to avoid this by staying quiet.

    The strange thing is, there's another person in my group who may very well have SA. She blushes deeply sometimes when speaking but unlike me, she appears confident and articulate as well. I'm trying to use her as an inspiration and sometimes think I'll go along and talk and try not to care if I blush. It's just actually speaking up when I haven't been asked a direct question that seems so difficult to do.

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    Re: Talking in a tutorial.

    My only advice is only what I do and that is to stop over dwelling on how I feel when I am in these situations and concentrate on what is said as part of distraction.

    Easier said than done I know!

    Best of luck, LK
    Always look on the bright side of life!!

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