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Thread: Panicking about panicking!

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    Panicking about panicking!

    Hi going through an anxiety blip again. This time it's scared me more because not scared of anything in particular so I can't avoid anything to feel better. I'm just anxious all day over feeling anxious. I felt panicky the other day for the first time in years and it's now reminded me of awful anxious times I've had before and now I'm terrified of freaking out. I feel like I can't be free of this feeling and I just want to cry all day. I'm constantly on the edge of panicking but I never fully get there. I can't eat and I have a pounding headache, help anyone?? X

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    Re: Panicking about panicking!

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    Re: Panicking about panicking!

    I am going through the same thing. What do you do when there is no "safe" place? You can't get away from it. It is SO scary! I wake up to it everyday. And the feeling of hopelessness causes depression. I am trying to get back on meds but my fear now is "what if they don't work?" The fear never ends!

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    Re: Panicking about panicking!

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    Hi Scaredmummy29,

    Rather than condensing and risking missing out information I have previously posted, here's a link to my thoughts on the whole anxiety vicious circle and how to exit the circle.

    I sincerely hope the information contained within helps and also hope that it is not considered impolite to add links to previous posted threads.

    Kind Regards


    I am completely new to this forum and have just registered specifically so that I can thank you for your wonderfully written informative and well-thought out (long) post - I do hope that you don't mind that I've copied and pasted it into a Word document (21 pages of it!) so that I can re-read it from time to time. This will be entirely for my own use but if you object then I will destroy the copy.

    I am wondering whether the moderators of this forum might put your post as a "Sticky" as it contains some very thought-provoking and helpful advice.

    Thanks a million ... I came on here last night feeling pretty panicky as I was alone for the evening but your post sure did help and my husband was, frankly, surprised at seeing me so relaxed and being my "old self" when he came home.

    best wishes Sandie

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    Re: Panicking about panicking!

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    Re: Panicking about panicking!

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    Re: Panicking about panicking!

    Quote Originally Posted by cymraig_chris View Post
    It would be nice if it was a sticky as I read the same questions and queries reappearing over and over, and many of these issues I believe I have addressed in my post.

    Aside from that I have finally decided to write a book with the aim of harmonising all the advice of all anxiety removal methods and discussing in detail how each removal method actually works beneath the surface, exposing the fallacies and reinforcing the truths and common denominators. I'll use much of what I have already written (worded in greater clarity and flow) but add a much greater level of detail hopefully without compromising the reader friendly style and ease of understanding.

    Wish me luck, I'm half way through but I expect to take at least another twelve months, hey ho I'm a creative perfectionist, but all us anxiety folk are!

    If there is anything that anybody would like included, discussed & scrutinised, then just let me know.
    Good luck ... I wish you well with it!

    I used your "Pretend" method today and have had success with it (coupled with tips from a book/CD called The Mindful Way Through Depression - I use the meditations daily - and another book called Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I also have Claire Weekes book.Today it's been a case of Face, Accept, Float, Pretend and Let Time Pass!

    I'd be interested to know how things go with your book.

    Is there a private message facility here? Sorry am very new.
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    Re: Panicking about panicking!

    Private message facility: Just found it!

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    Re: Panicking about panicking!

    I can relate also, although I was in a very good state of mind before I had a panic attack the severity of the attack and the hellish sensations makes me feel terror about experiencing another one which I'm sure creates a vicious circle. You are certainly not alone. I just read the advice crmaig_chris posted and found it very interesting and am going to give his suggestions a's only anxiety after all Thanks to him for taking the time to share that

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