Hi everyone,

I have been off sick since August 2010 due to a car accident on the way to work on the motorway. Work is 40 miles away from my home and I have to use the motorway to get there.

I suffered whiplash injuries and was diagnosed with PTSD. As well as having PTSD I know have chronic back pain, restricted neck movement with right leg Sciatica. A couple of weeks after the the trauma my wife had an unfortunate miss - carriage.

I am having the usual psycho-therapy sessions/hydro

I have had 8 counselling sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
and it still hasn't helped my PTSD In any way, is this normal?

How long can PTSD last? someone has said that PTSD can last years is this correct?

As I couldn't return to my original workplace I was required to go for an Occupational Health Assessment to see if I could be placed somewhere local to my home.

Having been through an Occupational Heath in January 2011 it was confirmed that I am covered under the Disability Act 2010 and she gave me 8 weeks to see how Iím getting on and whether improvements are made to my health. I asked the Occupational Doctor whether she can recommend a transfer on a permanent basis to a workplace local to my house where I can take a bus to work She said she would not write it as she thinks my health should improve.

What she does not understand is that I donít want to go back after what I have suffered.

I now have another appointment with another Occupational Doctor, this will be the report my employers would be most interested in. It will tell them when I should likely to come back.

I donít want to go back as my employers have the power to move me on the basis of the report.

Are my symptoms above enough to say that I cannot return back and that I should be moved locally?