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Thread: Coming off Cital after 2 years on 20mg

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    Re: Coming off Cital after 2 years on 20mg

    Quote Originally Posted by UrbanMark View Post
    Nearly four months on 10mg, still feel great.
    Brill Mark I am glad it's working out for you ATB
    Consider The bad times as down payment for the good times! Hang on in there

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    Re: Coming off Cital after 2 years on 20mg

    Eight months on 10mg, still feeling great.

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    Re: Coming off Cital after 2 years on 20mg

    Well that's nearly 15 months on 10mg Cit.
    I have been through some very trying situations during this time, including almost getting into physical fights at work, but I have survived and even gotten promoted lol. I am feeling pretty good, nice and level, thinking about dropping to 5mg from April 1st, I reckon I can finally come of Cit as I have grown a thicker skin in the recent months and years and can deal with people `better'.

    I'll continue to tell my story on here as I am looking forward to a happy ending.

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