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Thread: Help needed don't no where to write this ??

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    Help needed don't no where to write this ??

    Had bad anxiety day yesterday woke up feeling great then next minute i was just ironing kids clothes and felt like exploding !! like punching someone so hard the angry filling up inside me and my stomach started going into a tight knot i hate been this way anxious / panicky all day everyday but never felt so angry like ido today just all angry / fustrated my mum told me to take a valium to calm down but i dont no wether to take one or not i just feel horrible my stomach is so tight why am i feeling so angry ??

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    Re: Help needed don't no where to write this ??

    I have been where you are. I know that feeling of overwhelming anger that seems to come from nowhere and you just don't know how to vent it. Sometimes I have felt so angry I just wanted to punch the walls and scream at the top of my voice.

    I think for me it's because I am still struggling with anxiety/panic attacks and I don't seem to be moving forwards, just always 1 step forward 2 steps back. Perhaps it's the same for you?

    If you have taken Valium before for your anxiety and it has helped, then I suggest you take one now to help you calm down. There's nothing shameful or wrong with taking medication, it's there to help you.

    Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, and maybe you just need a good cry!


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    Re: Help needed don't no where to write this ??

    that's how i feel like i just wanna scream at the top of my voice or punch a wall so hard its only been like this today well this bad as i have felt angry and fustrated for a while now then i just had a big cry but since i freaked out earlier on my stomach just feels so tight like a knot feeling ???
    i am the same as in ive took one step forward and 5 backwards this has been going on now since about aug 2010 feeling this bad and fustrated i dont no what to do......
    am just waiting on a cam to see if i have a stomach ulcer or hernia and the more stressed/anxious or angry i feel the worse my stomach feels and i have just lost all my appetite when i feel like this x

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