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Thread: Professional CBT4PANIC treatment programme

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    Re: Professional CBT4PANIC treatment programme

    Will this work for phobias as well? I've heard CBT is very good for emetophobia, and this is the first free online CBT program I've found. I know it's meant for panic, but is there a chance it'll work on my emet as well?

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    Re: Professional CBT4PANIC treatment programme

    Give it a try - you never know.

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    Re: Professional CBT4PANIC treatment programme

    How have I never found this link before?!
    To be honest, when I saw the last post was so long ago I thought it was probably defunct, but it still works and I was able to read through the workbooks on my PC.

    Ive already found it so helpful as I had been stuck in a 3 day panic cycle and was exhausted from lack of sleep I ended up in hospital on Sunday via an ambulance as I got in such a state and went to see the doctor who gave me beta blockers (which I didn't take cos I panicked about those too!)....actually feel refreshed this morning.

    I am going to pay to be able to download and print stuff out which I think will be useful. I saw there were printed small books available when this first came out, does anyone know if they are still available or where to buy those as I cant see anything on the site about those?

    Anyway....thank you so much Robin for this wonderful resource if you're still around on here
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