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Thread: New to amitriptyline

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    Re: New to amitriptyline

    im on these for fibro pain i started them yesterday and dont seem to have any side affects apart from feeling really really sleepy

    i do get aderaline flushes which cause my heart to beat faster but have been having them long time beofe i started the tablets so cant blame the tablets for that

    im really nervous about taking them but the pain i was having was so bad i had no choice reallyy x

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    Re: New to amitriptyline

    I'm on them also, but for depression. I am having bad side effects but you shouldn't get those if you're taking them for pain.

    I find myself... not so much sleepy but I find it really difficult to wake up in the morning.

    Do give them chance to work x

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    Re: New to amitriptyline

    Hi I am new in this group......

    I suffer panic attacks when I find out stressful news, my heart starts pounding, heavy breathing, my hands gets cold. I suffer of low blood pressure so sometimes it triggers it. I can control it but is more difficult at night when I woke up with palpitations and everything is turned off (no light) I feel better at day time when I am with anxiety problems.

    A couple of weeks ago I started suffering from vertigo due to vascular migrane. Its not fading away but some days are good and some bad. I just had a vertigo episode at night and it trigger an ugly panic attack, because I was tired of having this vertigo and also because it made me stay awake and I was exhausted....

    My Dr prescribed me Amitrip. 10 mg for 1 month until the vertigo fades, but I am affraid to take it because I hate drugs, and I hate been drowsy.

    I am planning on taking one dose of 5mg if I got a panic attack, but need to know if someone has done it (just 1 dose)

    Also can anyone taking this small dose can tell me if you are knocked out completely or you can wake up easily at night if you have to? I dont feel confortable with the sensation of been completely knocked out, because I usually sleep well and never ever taken any sleep pill in my life (I only weight 113 pounds and my height is 165 cms)

    Thanks in advance !!!

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    Re: New to amitriptyline

    10mg is really really low. I’m on it now and was started at 25mg, then up to 50mg and will be going up to 75mg in a few weeks. It hasn’t done much for my anxiety and zip for panic attacks. But 50mg is still low for anxiety so I’m giving it time. I’m easily able to wake up if my child cries or something so don’t worry about being knocked out and not able to wake up.

    I haven’t had any side effects other than being a little hungrier, thirstier and constipated for the first week...and that was on 25mg

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