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Thread: SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome

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    Question SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome

    Hi, i haven't been on for a while but i have recently (6 weeks ago) come off Prozac after nearly 3 years of being on it and have been struggling with discontinuation symptoms.... insomnia, brain Zaps and palps, despite the fact that i tapered off really slowly ...(it took me 6 months of gradually reducing the dose before i finally stopped). I have read that that SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome has only recently been recognised by doctors and so i am finding it difficult to get any help from my GP except the suggestion that i go back on the prozac to relieve the symptoms! ... most info on the web suggests that for the majority of people it only last between 2 and 7 weeks but for some people it can last months or even years!!!!!

    Q. has anyone else suffered with SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome and if so how long did you suffer symptoms?.... also
    Q. did you find anything that you could do to reduce the symptoms?

    Many Thanks Guys x
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    Re: SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome

    i came of ciprelex for 2 days and it knocked me for six.sick.pains.dizziness. i went straight back on them,so your brave to have been off them that long.well done

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    Re: SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome

    Hi Bluebell

    I have had the same problem with Tricyclics, namely dosulepin. I have been on them for 15 years and was told to taper over a few weeks. I had to taper so slowly over nearly a year just to cut the dose in half and I was only on a low dose anyway! I am still taking the other half as I can't bear to go through it all again but I certainly won't be taking any more ad's. The discontinuation was far worse than the doctors seem to think it will be but I had been on them for a very long time.

    Well done for keeping going with it though, stick it out it does go in the end. I also cold turkeyed off Valium 20 years ago and that was horrendous. I didn't know anything about rebound then and wondered what had hit me but I kept going and the symptoms eventually stopped. Not sure if these drugs are any help to be honest.


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    Re: SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome

    Its early days. When you say you came off them slowly I wonder how slowly.

    It could take a few months but, as you've gone 6 weeks, could you stick it out now? Those withdrawal symptoms do and will go slowly. Your body needs time to adjust. The SSRI's recycle your serotonin - so now your body has to adjust. It will, it just needs time.

    Keep well hydrated and drink plenty of water.

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