hi, I'm new on here and i don't really know how this works!! - iv got obsessive swallowing anxiety which effect me everyday its gone back as far as i can remember,i suffered from panic attacks an depression I'm in part in my life where i am happy because I'm 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow,just this is getting to me iv tried going doctors about my panic attack she just gave me piece paper to read which did not help at all, my boyfriend does not know about this I'm quiet embarrassed and i don't want him to think I'm a freak i snap at him allot n i think he knows something is up cause in bed i cant keep still in the car i have panic anxiety attacks,i have to massage my feet to help me relax but it does not work for long,i hate eating in front of people because i feel their all looking at me i don't know what to do i need to talk to someone i get so angry I'm this way i think I'm going mad can anyone ever help?will it ever go away? .... this feels like my last resort :'( id do anything to be normal