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Thread: have you had this side effect?

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    have you had this side effect?

    ive been taking citalopram for just over 2 months now i think, and since day 1 of taking it i have had very strong hayfever symptoms. i never used to get hayfever before taking it.
    my eyes are so itchy and bloodshot, my nose is always blocked or running, i have sneezing fits etc.
    anyone else experienced this?

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    Re: have you had this side effect?

    hiya Alfie,Yes i know exactly what you mean i also have to blow my nose more often, sneeze more, and feel they affect my sinuses. i now take an antihistemine especially since the weather has got hotter, hope this helps

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    Re: have you had this side effect?

    It could be the Citalopram, or you could have developed hayfever. It can come on even if you've never suffered before. I only started suffering from hayfever a couple of years ago.

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