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    Major anxiety about going abroad!

    Hi all

    Please can someone help me here!! I have suffered with anxiety and panic for a few years now and has worstened that now the thought of going abroad or to far away brings on major anxiety and panic feelings.

    I am due to go on a hen do for 2 nights on 13th may and am getting myself into a terrible state already, i feel majorly anxious about it and wondered if anyone knows how I can overcome this?

    Am thinking about coming back after 1 night see if that helps but i really dont know???

    please help!

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    Re: Major anxiety about going abroad!

    Hey honey - if you are going to go - go for the 2 nights with all your mates - making yourself break the trip will make you even more anxious - just stick with the girls and enjoy!

    What exactly is it you are worried about - is it just being so far away from home? is it flying or staying somewhere different ?

    I know it is hard when you are suffering anxiety to get out and do new things but this sounds like a great opportunity to have a fab time with your friends and to leave that old enemy anxiety tucked up at home.

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    Re: Major anxiety about going abroad!

    Hi! i had the same issue when i went to portugal, ok mine got really bad, but i managed with NOTHING.. because nothing will happen! really nothing so what u could do is take things to prepare urself, maybe some rescue remedy? in like a spray and keep it in your pocket, its the the limit of liquids that you can bring. keep it in your hand luggage. they wont take it out. Just have it in mind, if you get really bad, u can spray some and it will calm u down. other then that ur going to b with ur friends, dont admit to your worry, pretend its not there. just keep going on with your day, and be more laid back about it. just be positive to feeling good. do things to distract you , dont keep focusing on how you feel. x

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    Re: Major anxiety about going abroad!

    Oh also exercise helps a lot!!try jogging early morning. im a dancer...before dance i get SOOO panicky and nervous on train journey, feeling im going to pass out. After on the way home, im so relaxed its unreal!

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    Re: Major anxiety about going abroad!

    thanks everyone just wish it would go away.

    Its being far away from home and knowing I cant get back makes me feel instantly panicky and anxious!

    Wish there was a magic potion!!

    Any other advice I would be greatful!


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