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Thread: help advice needed please

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    help advice needed please

    i went to the doctors on wednesday they increased my tablet praoxtine to 40mg from 30mg when you increase the tablets do they work stright away or does it take time ?? i fell really down in the dumps and feeling like i am never going to get better i have also started my period so not sure if it could be that or the increase just dont seem postive at the monent please help also i keep also asking myself if i am getting better or not everyone says i am and the doctor says some times you dont notice it you self but if i can do something one day then not the next i feel i am not winning am i the only one ?

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    Re: help advice needed please

    Hi Tweety

    Usually you have to wait a while to see an improvement. How long have you been taking Paroxetine? I am on Sertraline and it took five weeks for me to feel any better. Luckily I never had to have an increased dose, but I know from people who have that it's like when you take it initially - you can end up feeling worse before you feel better. I thought they were never going to work for me as it seemed like I was at rock bottom for ages, but I got there in the end. Give it time. You can always look under the NMP forum at Medications-Paroxetine to view other users experience of this drug. There is also quite good support on those forums when you are struggling.

    Hope you feel an improvement soon.


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    Re: help advice needed please

    You do have to wait a bit to see an improvement.

    But you wont have the symptoms of starting a new drug. So it should be straightforward and you wont get the side effects you get when starting a new med.

    Give it time. It will give you the boost you need!

    Mabel xxx

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    Re: help advice needed please

    thanks for you help i have been on them for 6wks but increased it on wednesday feeling abit better today

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