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Thread: Is this common

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    Is this common


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    Hi Katy,

    Sorry you are having a bad day lightheadedness and Nausea are very Common with anxiety, i suffer with it also. I find listening to some music and relaxing tends to take the symptoms away.



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    Hi Katy

    Definitely!!! They are two symptoms that come up over and over her - I certainly struggle with both of them from time to time. Crikey even our grandparents called it a nervous tummy lol!!!

    I'm no good at finding and attaching links but I'm sure if you look around you will find loads of references to how bad this can be when you are anxious....

    Good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Fee xxxxxx

    Why live life anticipating the bad things when you could be anticipating the good?
    Good and bad things WILL happen!

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    These symptoms are very common symptoms.. really.. especially if you are on medication and have been drinking a great deal the night before ..young lady lol..
    Katy you had these symptoms before darling . but with medication they will be worse you know what the side effects are like get worse before you get you will feel higher levels of anxiety anyway.. and then theres the drink.

    Like i said to miss go and have yaself a nice warm bath..try may be hard of course it is..but try ya best to help..your self.. darling..and please dont think im being funny for saying that, i want to help you.. but in turn you have to help your self too.
    So go and have a nice warm bath.. if you cant coz you feel freaky something that will take ya mind of things for a while.. until this evening.. and try get yaself an early night..
    I know its hard try though... try katy

    ashley x

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    Oh definitely, they are 2 of my most common symptoms! Join the club

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    Re: Is this common

    i thought i was the only one in the world with the sickness feeling all the time. its annoying as i cant function. Yes i read and it does help at times. im recently on medication. but i felt sicky before i was put on the medication so i dnt think its that. but i do feel sicky a lot of the time. it puts me off doing anything. oh hello devon-guy glad im not the only one in devon to suffer!!!!

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    Re: Is this common

    Yes, it is very common. I am nauseous most of the time and it's really annoying. I find it very hard to go out, I have to force myself and often have a panic attack before I leave.

    Back in the summer I stopped eating because of the nausea and lost over half a stone in one week, however, I have put the weight back on and can eat normally now. I mainly feel sick if I know I have to go out, or if I am thinking about something that makes me anxious, like looking for a job, which I will have to do shortly.

    It's my most hated symptom as I have mild emetephobia, I have tried anti-emetics, and I am taking St John's wort at the moment, but the only thing that I can do at the moment is just get myself out. I tell myself that the likelihood of me being sick (after feeling it for all this time) is not very high and I just concentrate on that. I am hoping I will get better soon as it is very hard to deal with.

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    Re: Is this common

    I hope it is common, i have those things alot.
    Almost every day it seems now.

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    Re: Is this common


    These are very common symptoms they happen to me all the time.

    Hope this improves for you soon.


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    Re: Is this common

    very common when i get it i breath deep breaths in and out of a brown paper bag and it makes me feel a bit better hope this helps from tracy

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